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A developer of Brand Solutions, in business since from years, DotnDot is a one-stop branding shop, for your business. Especially in the era of the internet, where people bombarded with products and services from all kinds of vendors, DotnDot helps you stand out in the crowd and earn ‘loyalty,’ a term that is obscure on the internet.

DotnDot was a Digital Marketing Consulting at its inception, catering marketing consulting for websites to numerous clients across the world. But, soon, the founder and CEO, Kiran V, with an uncanny understanding of business, aced the technique of Marketing to help his clients get the best. Today DotnDot stands to be the most popular Internet Marketing Consultancy.

Kiran V, Founder of DotnDot :

An Electronics Engineer by qualification, I first entered the dotcom industry in 2002. An artist at heart, I’ve learned to be the connection between man and machine. Confused? Well, I meant, the target audience and the search engine!

Understanding the World Wide Web and understanding the behavioral traits of real people interfacing over it has been my forte ever since I started. And I wanted to help businesses, small and large, gain this very perspective, know what they are doing wrong and interface much more effectively with their target audience. Digital Branding is an evolving science, but the art of it already conquered!

So if you want to make a ‘brand’ out of your business, there is no better place you could’ve chosen to start than DotnDot. DotnDot built on understanding your every need and infusing technology in a way that makes your dreams come true.

Dotndot Started in 2017 with the focus of Design and Digital Marketing services to the clients and served 100’s clients around the World.

At DotnDot, we believe in knowledge sharing and making businesses self-sufficient in their online branding efforts.

What You Need to Have

A Website – Your ‘Home’ on the internet

Your Brand Digital Signature

– So people would recognize your articles, your logos, designs, photos, videos, and presentations posted anywhere on the net and associate them with your brand.

Social Media Presence:

Every account you have in social media, every page, every group, and every discussion portal, becomes a pillar for your ‘Home’ and your Digital Brand.

What You Need to Do

Drive Traffic

You are not a brand until people see you. Driving hordes of traffic on to your site is possible through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization.

Become Interactive

Interfacing and interacting with your target audience is the most important part of affirming your brand’s presence online. We use Social Media Marketing tools and techniques to help you become an interactive platform for your target market.

Self Sufficient Web Presence Development

Becoming self-sufficient over the internet is the most important part of taking your brand to the next level. Use of CMS (Content Management Systems) to develop your web presence will help you maintain your websites and be in constant touch with your target audience. Imagine this. You got software made to handle inventory and supply chain at your manufacturing. Would it make sense if you still need the software development company to fill up the forms and run your daily tasks for you?

I oversee every process that makes your brand robust and life-like over the internet. That’s my job! And yours is, of course, to make the right decision, and hire the professional (me!).

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