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50 Best Account-Based Marketing Tools for 2022

50 Best Account-Based Marketing Tools For 2022

Account-based marketing is the craving topic as it has become the source for driving sales through the launch of the effective funnel by the marketing team. It helps in increasing conversions, finding your valued customers, and minimizing the ad spend. Account-based marketing benefits you like all in one platform that helps in personalizing the advertising and marketing efforts. It identifies the potential leads from actual data.

There is a number of account-based marketing tools available in the market, but one alone can’t find the best performing tools that every business should find better performance results. The mix and match of the following tools can help you build the most out of customer data and improves your marketing campaigns.

Account-Based Marketing Tools


This AI-powered tool supports you in scanning the contacts and generating the lead scores, and this can be used to find the potential accounts.


This can be used to identify which companies are in the visit to your business website, and you can trace the contact information to get the leads.


By using this tool, the businesses can identify the relevant contacts, engaging contacts, and converting them to measuring metrics of ROI.

4.Demand Base:

The design of this tool helps in building strong communication over marketing, sales, and advertising.

5.Listen Loop:

You can launch the set of personalized ad campaigns for particular accounts and also target those accounts over multiple ad networks.


It provides insights that help in enriching the accounts with data from third-party vendors. It also provides information about revenue, location, employee count, industry, etc. into contacts.


This data intelligence tool collects and filters the information of accounts, and still, they of the human research team to the clients to find high-quality data.


Through this, you can easily find and segment the dormant accounts for each ad campaign depending on company filters and also targets your ABM efforts.


It can be used to collect the external data and public shared data that helps in running the data with a series of algorithms that inform account, behavioral, and lead scoring.


The integration with leading CRM and MAP tools is enabled to suggest B2B marketers synchronize the target account data.


It has a unique feature that combines the lead information from different sources, using data for quality scoring, prioritize, measuring the ABM success, and social media engagement strategies.


Especially at the target accounts, it helps in identifying the key decision contacts and also engages with the web, video, mobile, and social ad campaigns.


It lets the marketers identify, build, and curate the prospects lists and also find the leads score to place them in the pipeline.


The marketers can search for similar or existing companies’ profiles lists that fit for the business.


It helps the marketers in matching the leads to accounts that best fit to make conversions.


This allows businesses to target the prospects from the entire lifecycle of customers.


By using this tool, you can identify the decision-making accounts and launch the targeted ABM campaigns.


It offers a 95% accuracy rate for generating email addresses, contact numbers, and titles, etc. The accuracy of these contact numbers lets you target the right decision-makers to create sales.


This tool enables to target the specific accounts by delivering the most personalized ad campaigns.


This tool helps in optimizing the content of any business that means to serve the audience’s intended content.


This can be used to target the exact audience that generates sales funnel.


By using this tool, you can find the most accurate customer data which can be used wherever and whenever you need it.


With the help of this excellent tool, the businesses can search and find prospects insights.


This tool helps the businesses to hold track of potential leads who are already in the sales pipeline.


It integrates the data sets into the CRM while sending an ad campaign.


It is a content activation and content insight tool that lets to make sure that you are delivering the relevant content to the right audience or not.


Through this tool, you can make effective use of email marketing, contact CRM database, analytics, targeted ad campaigns, social and mobile marketing, etc.


By using this tool, you can find the daily snapshots of your prospects’ activity by focusing on acquisition and funding information.


It enables you to collect the data required to conduct ABM through contact search and contact them in the most personalized way.


It is one of the top ABM tools that help businesses in searching the new leads and contacts by using filters and search metrics.


You can find the updates depending on the targeted user engagement that displays the buying activity of the audience.


Time is the countable source that helps in lead generation, and in such a category, LinkedIn is the best tool to find the business contacts to get the leads.


It helps to import the potential lead into CRM directly, including the present contact data and account relevant metrics.


Target the audience by delivering timely and relevant email marketing campaigns.


By using this tool, you can find the perspective information, guidance for operating successfully, and the insights.

36.Adobe Campaign:

The creation of ad campaigns, especially for both the desktop and mobile marketing projects, business objectives reach, and production of email marketing campaigns is possible through this tool.


If you the outdated list or if there is inadequate data to tackle, then this is the best tool to get most out of that.


If the businesses want to know the buying behaviors of their contacts that they want to target is possible with this tool.

39.TechTarget Priority Engine:

By using this amazing tool, marketers can establish and monitor the list of ABM prospects.

40.AdDaptive Intelligence:

This tool tackles both the online and offline business data, supports the customers, identifies the lookalike audience from existing, and identifies the business IP addresses with no cookies.


This helps to hold the track of account contact engagement, label and filter the prioritized leads, maintain the multiple contacts of a company that you need.


The integration of Gmail and Salesforce will let the businesses to create the one-to-one ad campaigns. The added own data will enable them to see the other tools’ insights when using this tool.


It offers many automation tools that are from forms, events, webinars scheduling and landing pages, etc.


It is the conversational marketing tool that focuses on generating quality leads automatically, engaging the prospects, and using chatbots to book an appointment for meetings.


It offers features like automatic segmentation, dynamic content, behavioral targeting, lead scoring and predictive email sending, etc.

46.Outbrain Amplify:

It supports generating both the self-serve and managed services platform to launch the segmented ad campaigns and ad placements.


It includes the recommendation engine, personalized popups, personalized recommendations and emails, audience behavioral targeting and omnichannel optimization, etc.


The retargeting and advertising opportunities are offered by it and then make an analysis.


It provides the tools, especially for new account discovery, finding business opportunities and analyzing the lost leads in CRM, etc.


Depending on the prospect’s behavior it suggests you how to communicate with them, make analysis on present methods, etc.


We can find the crowd of these account-based marketing tools in the market, but only a few of them are satisfying the users by offering features like what they need. By using these tools, you can target your marketing efforts, can find the increasing chances of winning at your business, and minimize the marketing costs, etc.

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