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Advanced Technical SEO Consulting

All the activities of SEO excluding optimization of content and link building are related to technical SEO. Advanced Technical SEO Consulting is optimizing the server and website. Moreover, this service help search engines crawl and index the site to improve organic ranking.

Perhaps search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated. Mostly the requirements to enhance the crawling are continually changing. Thus technical SEO has become very crucial.

To clarify that the main elements of SEO are the website speed, mobile-friendliness, site architecture, structured data markup, and dealing with duplicate content.

Technical SEO is essential to bring visitors to the site by making the search engines understand the business better. Moreover, the technical SEO includes aspects such as the architecture of the site, URL formatting, web host, and the page loading speed.

Though you design the beautiful website, you may not go for a higher ranking in the Google search. Why does this happen? It all occurs due to the lack of launching compelling content.

So to make your content compelling through SEO technologies, reach us.

We Offer Best Online Technical SEO Consulting Service

However, failing to keep updated with the search engine requirements will affect the performance of the website. Even though the content on the website is incredible. Due to technical SEO issues, the visitors will not stay back on the site.

Let us now see what can be done to improve the professional SEO and boost the search engine rankings. Probably the Google algorithm gives preference to mobile-friendly websites. Mostly you can use any of the available tools to check the mobile-friendliness of the site.

Also, we know that for a web page to be indexed and found by search engines, sitemaps are essential. Thus create and optimize the XML sitemap. Along with that, the loading speed of the site is also necessary.

Similarly to speed up the site to optimize the images, enable browser caching and compression. Also, reduce the server response time and use a content delivery system to increase site speed. Run technical audits frequently as this fixes the site errors.

Therefore, you can check and correct crawling errors. Thus take the services of a professional SEO consultant to get maximum benefits for your website.

Technical SEO Audit & Consulting

A technical SEO audit is a process in which the search engine friendliness of a website or a blog elevates. SEO audit provides several benefits. This should be done at least two times a year. Mostly, it depends on the business goals and unique situations. An SEO audit helps in identifying technical issues, structure issues, off-site problems, user experience issues, etc.

Since a website is an essential place of the online presence of a brand.
Similarly, it is necessary to do a regular SEO audit to make sure that everything is in place. This helps to fix critical issues immediately after they arise.

SEO audit of websites helps to know how good is the online presence of a brand and how the inbound links are working. It also helps to understand how to increase keyword ranking and how to increase sales conversions. And also learn how to manage online reputation.

Why Do We Need Technical SEO Audit?

An SEO audit will cover the following things; it evaluates the keyword usage. It checks how well organic searches are performing. An SEO audit is essential to keep in line with the competition. Audit checks for bugs and issues at the back end of the site that slow down or push it down in search ranking. Regular automated scan, say once for a month, can help monitor bounce rate, conversions, or page views. If any significant issue found, we provide a professional for a detailed audit.

SEO audit is essential for the success of the website. Regular SEO auditing will make a big difference in the overall performance of the site. There are several tools to perform an SEO audit. Still, the best thing to do is to hire an SEO auditor because he is the person who can identify the issues and recommend things that are specific to the website but not generic.

All those who have their website or an online business should carry out an SEO audit frequently. This is one of the essential tools for growing the following and getting good marketing results. SEO is search engine optimization. SEO audit is to evaluate the search engine friendliness and visibility. The SEO audit consists of internal as well as external analysis.

SEO audit is essential to identify the areas of the website. Which is performing poorly and basing on different elements such as the keywords and content quality? Useful SEO Websites rank top in search engines. Having good SEO helps to rank higher above competitors, and people can easily find you.

What Does A Technical SEO Audit Include?

There are different steps in the SEO audit. These include setting a goal, determining KPIs, collecting data, checking up the competitor sites, implementation and evaluation, and finally adjusting. For conducting an audit, accurate data is needed. Use relevant tools for enhanced insight.

It is an excellent practice to do automated SEO audit regularly at least once in a month. This helps check the bounce rate, conversions, page views, and other essential factors. The computerized audit also helps to identify significant issues. If any significant problems found, then a professional can be contacted, fix the issues. Apart from the regular automated SEO audit, a thorough check should be done every year. This allows finding the bugs and enable key indicators for improving SEO.

An SEO audit analyzes the landing page, page speed, etc. To ensure usability in internal and external context is essential to check the health of the site. An internal investigation of a sitemap, social media platforms, and anchor test are needed. Load time is another crucial factor to check. A thorough SEO audit brings up critical issues that need addressing.

Technical SEO Consulting Services

  • Technical SEO Audits Reports
  • Advanced SEO Reports
  • Website indexing problems in Google search for technical reasons
  • Google Search Console errors
  • AMP Problems
  • Server Errors & Server Technical Issues
  • Robots.txt Issues
  • Website Architecture Problems
  • AJAX, Angular, JavaScript SEO Issues
  • Rich Snippets and Structured Data Markup Issues
  • User Experience problems concerning SEO
  • XML Sitemaps Issues
  • Link Structure Optimization and Analysis
  • Website Content Issues
  • Advanced Mobile SEO auditing
  • Image Optimization Issues
  • International SEO Issues
  • Site Migrations Issues
  • Link Analysis & Penalty Recovery Issues
  • PWA SEO Issues
  • Server Log File Analysis
  • E-commerce SEO Platform Issues
  • Speed Optimization concerning SEO
  • Provide full, packed inbound marketing solutions.
  • Planning website SEO design.
  • Content marketing and optimization.
  • Optimization of Google business places.
  • Removing SEO toxic links.
  • Advanced keyword research.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Video advertising and SEO.
  • On-page and Off-page optimization.
  • Mobile search engine optimization.
  • Auditing and analysis of a website.
  • Link monitoring and prospecting.
  • Semantic search strategy.
  • White hat link building.
  • Backlinking.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • AdSense monetization.
  • Local search engine optimization.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Meta-tags optimization.
  • ALT tags image optimization.
  • WordPress Blog set up.
  • Researching search engine optimization ranking strategies.
  • Enhancing HTML source code.
  • Providing high-quality content.
  • Adding links to social media.

Search engine optimization is the only digital marketing library where it requires the practical knowledge and skills to tackle the SEO strategies that help in improving the search engine ranking. In the same way, brands can find huge competition where it requires expert hands with Advanced SEO plan to overcome those challenges in the market. This is why you need us. What do we do? Why do you need to inherit Advanced SEO planning? These are the most common questions that bug in the minds of business brands before hiring service providers.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is nothing but the SEO where the websites optimized by using the most advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Through this, the brands can conduct the Natural Language Processing (NLP), information retrieval, semantic search, data mining, modern information retrieval mechanism, and text mining.

Why is Advanced SEO Services Mandatory?

When any user looking for the service that your company carries, then they will be displayed with the list of same service provider companies’ websites on the Google search page. Also, your business website may hide in the last search results of Google or any search engine. Then those visitors who are going to be the potential customers might prefer other companies to find their products or services.

Why this happens? Due to the lack of search engine optimization strategies. Remember that find your business website in the first of search results plays a significant role in finding real-time customers. We are here to do that. Hiring professionals will help to drive massive traffic to your website and improves business performance.

All brands want to be on the first page, but some will deserve it. It is the main target of any SEO service provider that all brands should keep in mind. We offer you the most advanced search engine optimization services along with the local SEO services that elevate your brand exposure that leads to increase website ranking. Our expert team will deliver highly targeted and high-quality traffic to your business website through the execution of highly planned search engine optimization strategies.

Site Crawl Analysis and Errors

We do technical SEO auditing, where we analyze your website and identify the issues. After the site crawl, we fix targeted website errors, and it improves your site visibility in SERPs. This activity will let the bots better understand your website content.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor activity is always an essential thing to make your brand successful. Hence, our SEO team will make a complete analysis of the competitor’s activity. Then we generate recommendations to correct the issues you have with your website while comparing it with a competitor.


We up to date with the advanced technical SEO ranking factors like mobile-first indexing, which helps to index your website properly to obtain effective organic search results. If it is not indexed, then it faces duplicate content, and that shows a negative effect on search engine ranking.

Backlink Analysis

We analyze your website backlink profile, and we identify where the links are originating from. Also, what pages they are directing to. We improve the domain authority and expand site navigation through effective backlink analysis.

Technical Site Audits

To obtain the performance of your website, you need insights that let you know where your website needs improvement. Our technical SEO experts will audit by fetching the technical details of your website.

Image Optimization

Most of the readers will prefer to stick with the website with visuals. The visual data can easily digest without consuming time. Our SEO team will help you to optimize images that drive huge user engagement.

Developing an SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization strategy works as the extension of internet marketing that is being the only weapon to find business success with an extensive reach of the online audience. SEO is the primary target of any business organization as it is the single source to drive the real-time website traffic. Moreover, we offer the most advanced tools and services to the clients, along with the required training.

SEO is the combination of many categories in which content is the chief of all others. Merging targeted keywords that are entirely relevant to the user search query is the key to gain organic search results.

Any website which is handled by the SEO expert will automatically find itself in the list of higher search engine ranking, and it happens due to the delivery of user intended information. You can reach us to make a useful website with the most advanced search engine optimization strategies.

We deliver what we offer

We tackled the hundreds of clients who are mostly disappointed with other agencies, and we are providing them cent percent satisfaction through the delivery of most successful business performance. We never promise to generate traffic, but we work to find real-time sales through potential customers. Our most experienced team will assist your internal team in launching the highly successful business website. Our SEO services are unique and results-driven while comparing with others in the market. So far, we are dealing with many clients where they are obtaining what they need.


What is Advanced SEO?

Optimizing the server, a website with the help search engines crawl and index the site to improve organic ranking.

What is included in technical SEO?

Server Optimization, Log Files Analysis, and all Technical issues are clearing involved in the process of technical SEO.

Why is technical SEO important?

Technical SEO is critical nowadays because it will clear all technical issues on the website as well as it will boost website rankings.

How do you do technical SEO?

Regular SEO is different from technical SEO. To implement technical SEO one should know in-depth knowledge and years of SEO experience

What are the best SEO techniques?

Optimization of Server issues, website on-page issues also the speed of issues including AMP and Scheme implementation will be the best SEO techniques

How can I improve my technical SEO?

Make Sure Your Website is AMP and Mobile-Friendly. Desktop and Mobile Speed is the priority, and fixing website errors frequently is the best process to improve technical SEO.

Do you need Marketing Ideas and Consulting? Want to work with us? Have questions? Please contact us.

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