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50 Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools for Business Growth

50 Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools For Business Growth

Marketers are always hunting for the customer’s attention towards the products or services. Still, there is no barricade for their search, but sometimes it happens that they can’t afford the resources and can put no sufficient investment. What to do? No one can stop in the middle due to the shortage of resources, and in the same way, finding the most successful results for the business is becoming the touch challenge to tackle. Finding brand visibility within the budget is not an easy task. AI is the solution that poses a great business opportunity for the brands in reaching their business objectives. Here we have listed the Artificial Intelligence marketing tools that every business should need for the development marketing strategy.

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Business Growth Marketing

1.Bright Edge:

It provides features like AI-powered analytics and data collection from different channels like social media, mobile, and search. This helps in measuring content engagement on digital platforms.

2.Sprout Social:

The automation technology of Sprout social helps in generating tweets that reply to followers, fans, and customers.

3.Pave AI:

It converts Google Analytics data into business required insights that boost the marketing strategy. It offers data-driven recommendations and provides personalized reports.


It can be used to make the data into segments that are used in designing ad campaigns and tailoring the client’s requirements.


The major aspects like competitive analysis, content research, SEO analysis, and improving the performance speed can be done by using this tool.


This tool supports providing the social media posts automatically depending on the copied and past links of metadata, and that can save you valuable time.


This tool helps in maintaining strong customer relationships in the most organized way that recommends the sales team to find the right outreach that engages the number of audiences.

8.Narrative Science:

Narrative Language’s natural language products to automatically read your data and provide you with the aspects most important to your customers.


This tool’s AI can be used to pull the million data in minutes and helps in targeting the audience with the best performing ad campaigns.


The Artificial Intelligence customer data platform turns fluctuated insights into the organized way that competitors are doing, and it allows you to create best ad campaigns that reach the target audience.


The NLP of it lets you in learning to use the marketing language in the most impactful way that reaches the audience.


The three categories of websites like Business, Personal Blogger, and Editorial WordPress websites can obtain the AI services of WordLift.

13.Google DialogFlow:

It is a voice search-based platform on Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, and Cortana, and this analyzes the spoken words of user processing requests by recognizing the named entity.

14.Alli AI:

It provides many AI-powered SEO features that improve and optimize the content of the website.


It is the content platform that helps in processing the content optimization for your business.


It is the AI-powered social media management platform that provides customer insights, tracking dashboards, efficient influencer marketing, analytics dashboards, and scheduling tools, etc.

17.Salesforce Einstein:

The machine learning analytics, combined with the CRM, will be provided by this tool.


It helps in writing the perfect content for your business blog in minutes and helps to figure out the plagiarism.


It can be used in creating task management automatically by keeping the ad campaigns on track.


This is AI-powered technology that helps to create the blog posts and to convert them to videos that can easily sharable on all social media platforms.

21.Google Auto Draw:

Depending on the drawing, it suggests the pictures and provides the exact version of the image.


By using this AI-powered platform, the businesses can collect customer data by analyzing and records the calls of sales.


It provides machine learning-based recommendations over multiple accounts that help in focusing on business ad spending.


The integration of AI technology helps you in organizing and tracking the ad campaign bidding.


It helps in generating the most personalized content by analyzing the visitor history of websites over the internet.


Cortex makes recommendations on how often and when to share the content on social media platforms.


When the businesses facing the problem of copy of different ad campaign efforts, then it helps in boosting and provides new ideas in the creation of new content.


It helps in analyzing what segments provide and responds better to engage the audience.


It supports you deliver the innovative content creation for your ad campaigns.


The integration of deep learning and machine learning helps to improve social listening.


This AI-powered technology helps in providing solutions like media and product recommendations, demand predictions and pricing solutions, etc.

32.Linkfluence Radarly:

It helps in detecting online trends, finding data insights, and the brand impact that targets the audience.


It gives recommendations in adjusting the ad spend and also to target the audience.


By using this excellent tool, businesses can discover new potential leads and make conversions.

35.Atomic Reach:

This is a content intelligence tool that can be used to increase the quality and to reduce the editing time.

It is cloud-based automation software that reduces the efforts in editing and running paid ad campaigns and also improves the performance of an ad campaign.

37.Adobe Spark:

It is open-source software that can be used to import colors, templates, and fonts to create excellent videos and web pages with visual effects.


By using this tool, businesses can analyze and optimize email marketing.


It helps in analyzing the competitor’s performance on different online social media channels.

This tool supports in providing the data validation and campaign research.

41.Article Forge:

The content marketers can make better use of it to create the unique and to add videos, titles, images, titles to webpages and blogs, etc.


The voice-based and chat-based solutions will be offered by this tool that helps in making customer interaction and provides solutions for the queries.


The businesses can create the most effective content that builds the strong interaction between the clients and customers.


Through this tool, you are enabled to figure out which content works better to find greater audience engagement.


Natural Language Processing will establish the best marketing content to launch effective ad campaigns.


It is the tool to create compelling content and also a content curation tool.


Use this tool in establishing the chatbot to encourage and communicate with the audience or customer efficiently.


Use this AI-powered tool to start sending messages over social media platforms and message services.


Deliver the most personalized interactions with your customers over chat apps.


Create the chatbot of your website just in minutes that is offered through the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing

It is the most advanced technology which lets digital marketing take off more effectively. This helps in providing the most valuable consumer insights along with the digital marketing strategies along with the advanced tools. Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing helps the businesses to collect the data and make analysis on factors that works better and whatnot. It makes the businesses to be in the competitive edge of global marketing.

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AI-Powered SEO

AI and SEO combination is the search marketers boost up source that enables them to be updated along with the Google search engine and other search engine platforms who are continuously integrating Machine learning into their products or services. AI is the most benefited medium in digital marketing, especially in driving the sales funnel.

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Now everything made possible in the business promotions and sales by using Artificial Intelligence technology. The adoption of AI helps the marketers to find the best from their marketing efforts.

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