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Artificial Intelligence Video Marketing: How AI Will Affect Video Advertising in 2022

Artificial Intelligence Video Marketing: How AI Will Affect Video Advertising In 2022

Artificial Intelligence Video Marketing: With the infusion of internet users are getting massive day by day, with more & more people gaining access to fast internet connectivity, making digital videos increasingly popular; thus making video marketing the most powerful medium of marketing today!

In the recent past few years, it has been seen that there is a remarkable progression in video marketing as online regulars linger on spending more and more time watching online videos.

Moreover, it is also an evident fact that AI or artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how the brands are targeting their regular online users by offering them with abundant data, actionable end-user insights as well as video content as per users’ legitimate campaigns’ results.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Video Marketing

While most marketing professionals today have almost moved to video marketing as their preferred tool for online marketing so as accomplish better branding, but most of them are yet to experiment with artificial intelligence for scouting better effects of their online marketing campaigns.

This goes without saying that video marketing is today the new normal! Today, almost all businesses have come to believe that videos are a much better medium to pass their brand’s info to the online regulars and to advertise their services and products to the online consumers. They remain glued to their social media channels browsing through videos and videos all the time.

As per a recent survey, it is discovered that people today are spending around 90 mins on their smartphones every single day, and this equal to be spending approximately 23 days in the entire year.

Also, videos are a much more reliable way of delivering any brands’ messages efficiently without any hassles. Moreover, videos have an excellent recall value, if compared to regular text, for online consumers. Artificial Intelligence Video Marketing is the next big thing, as it is fast picking up in the video marketing sector.

WordPress Audit Using Machine Learning

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Video Marketing

Marketers are now using Artificial Intelligence Video Marketing. Videos are presently accounting for around 74% of overall internet traffic, and this percentage is all set to rise to even 82% by the year 2021, as per Cisco.

Using Artificial Intelligence, video marketing strategies can be scaled to more significant heights. Artificial Intelligence helps in providing customized online content to the internet regulars, who are the potential consumers.

Professionals developing videos can use Artificial Intelligence data as their tool for understanding consumers’ interest areas, and then base their upcoming future videos on that same info thus received.

Artificial Intelligence insights prevent marketing professionals from producing useless, redundant videos over and over again. Also, around 52% of marketing people today have the belief that videos offer a better return on investment when compared to other online marketing strategies.

How is AI Changing Video Marketing?

How is Artificial Intelligence Changing Video Marketing?

Personalization: With online users, one-size-doesn’t-fit-all! Users now want to watch personalized video content based on their interests.

Relevance: AI is making it possible. Online users get to watch videos that are more relevant to them.

Suggestions: YouTube shows suggested videos to users. Such recommendations are beneficial for brands to get more likes & shares.

Ways in which AI Will Affect Video Advertising in 2021?

Artificial Intelligence is the future of video marketing. The following are how AI will affect video advertising in the year 2021?

Wider Reach:

Video marketing has a broader reach. Users not just love watching any kind of videos for entertainment, but they are more inclined to gain knowledge also. With AI, it is possible to throw additional videos to users for giving them a holistic viewing experience.

Artificial Intelligence Helps in Rationalizing Video Production:

The content that is sourced by Artificial Intelligence is usually filtered to that extent where relevant info is kept, and the data that is required will be extracted for future use.

Interconnection of Videos Is Possible Based on Their Watch History:

Many of the popular video platforms progressively encourage the viewers to click on those videos, which are some way related to the same content that they watch generally. Suggested video(s) is an excellent way of building user-interest in viewing, and this info is collated using Artificial Intelligence.

Gives Room for More Personalization:

As per the users’ watch history, their past searches, as well as their online social behavior, data is collated using AI. Video marketers then employ this info thus received to make tailored video content. Such AI-intervention helps in making/suggesting more relevant videos as per the interest areas of respective customers.

Users Get Real-Time Updates on Videos:

It is only Artificial Intelligence that can make it happen for the brands to receive feedback on their videos in real-time.

Posting of Socially-Relevant Content:

On the viral Facebook platform alone, around a hundred million hours of videos are viewed every single day, so it is prime to produce very engaging videos. Artificial Intelligence analytics can be done well by analyzing as well as by evaluating the data received from such online platforms.

In live videos, Artificial Intelligence tools can tap info regarding users, and this data can then be used for future video content inputs. If any of the past videos have been successful in terms of receiving likes, then it would suggest the pointers on which the viewers liked those videos.

Artificial Intelligence Video Marketing Tools

AI helps the marketing professionals in increasing the efficacy of their video marketing strategies and also helps to customize tailored content to be presented as per customers’ interests, thus the benefit.

Professionals developing videos can use several Artificial Intelligence Video Marketing tools like the AI-based data collation tools for understanding the content, which respective customers engage in, and thus improve the customized videos based explicitly on such insights received through the use of these Artificial Intelligence Video Marketing tools.

AI Video Advertising Trends

AI in Video Ads:

Artificial Intelligence is playing a vital role in the digital marketing sphere; Machine learning AI is the most sophisticated technology in the market. Hyper personalized customer experience by evaluating the profiles. AI in Video Advertising speed up the production formats.

24X7 customer services with AI:

Replying to the queries at any time is not possible at midnights. The campaign scheduling and making campaigns answering at midnight is not possible. Various AI services coming to plays a crucial role in customer service duties.

AI in PPC:

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can analyze the data faster than manually. Most of the pay per clicks budget and campaigns can be run by the in house teams and agencies. AI powdered systems will help in advertising to test out the more advertising targets and ad platforms.

AI-powered Content Curation:

natural language generations hold tremendous skills in making work on efficient content creation. Currently, AI-powered machines are providing content such as Quarterly business reports, Real-time stock Insights, Hotel descriptions, sports game recaps, profit and loss summaries, etc.

Customer Insights Through AI:

AI algorithms create customer personas based on billions of data points. Gere are the few examples of AI customer Insights i.e., On-site interactions, referral sources, Geo-specific sources, prior communications, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Video Advertising Statistics

  • According to eMarketer, U.S advertisers spending nearly $60 billion on programmatic displays.
  • Marketers predict programmatic advertising in the U.S will reach 88% by 2021.
  • Advertisers predict that 55% of the U.S adults spending on smart speakers by 2022.
  • Campaigns are delivering CPA 170% that is lower than a goal.
  • IKEA voice embedded campaigns reach 58.3% reach metric in the history of audio-only advertising.
  • 28% of the top-performing AI campaigns were more than twice using it for marketing.
  • 50% of the consumers believe that AI will provide meaningful solutions for s.
  • As per the Oberlo estimations,$127.11 million is the average voice search reach.
  • AI-powered voice assistance will reach $8 billion by 2023.
  • AI will increase by 40% of business productivity.
  • Investments in AI increased 6X times by 2021.
  • More than 41% of consumers believe that AI will improve their lifestyle.
  • Over 33% of the consumers said they are already using the AI platforms.
  • 84% of the business believe that AI is a competitive advantage globally.

Here’s the Crux!

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing how video marketing is done. This brings consumers as well as businesses much closer, tailoring content in a more specific way, and engaging the online regulars in a highly personal manner; thus giving the marketing professional with a much clearer route for connecting with their targeted & potential audience by crafting videos, which speak to them and lead to better conversions.


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