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50 Best Performance Marketing Tools and Software for 2022

50 Best Performance Marketing Tools And Software For 2022

To accomplish the requirement of any business sale, the only thing we need is tools to make ease of your task as the software developer is an expert at coding but useless with no PC. In such a way, the performance marketing with no involvement of tools will find no results through digital marketing. The establishment of great PPC campaigns can help driving website traffic and make conversions. To do this, we have figured the list of performance marketing tools and software that helps in highlighting your business brand performance.

Performance Marketing Tools and Softwares

1.Google Search Console:

By using this, the businesses can find organic performance and make amendments to drop or pause specific keywords from paid search bids.


2.Marin Software:

It is the solution for tacking more than PPC ads that means it enables the businesses to track the display ads, social, and search ads by supporting PPC ads on Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing.


By using this tool, the user can build the tools of Google, LinkedIn and Facebook to find the influencer of their business ads throughout the buyer’s journey.

4.Google Ad Editor:

It is a free tool to create and edit the ad campaigns that allow you to change the keyword bids. Also, it can manage the multiple accounts ad campaign in Google AdWords online and offline.

5.Big Query:

It helps to blend the data over different sources and data repository that is most useful for businesses to do PPC.

6.Bing Ads Editor:

It enables you to streamline the PPC advertising management. The direct importing of data into the editor is possible by using Google that can be used to manage keywords, create campaigns, ad copy, editing ads, and budgets, etc.


This is a native advertising channel that uses consumer behavioral data and target ads by recommending blog posts, videos, and articles, etc.


It AI-powered tool that enables Google and Bing advertisers to add the profit for search and shopping campaigns.


This can be used to manage the Google and Facebook ad campaigns.


By using machine learning technologies, it helps in the automation of optimization of advertising campaigns.


It improves the Google AdWords performance by analyzing the data that waste on long-tail keywords, impressions, and click-through rates, etc.


You can analyze the competitor’s performance on social media and trace the top shared content over social media channels.


It helps to get the download of your competitor keywords list.

14.Google Trends:

The PPC marketers can make effective use of Google Trends as the free data source to obtain the analytics of search terms on Google.


Taboola helps to find effective marketing results by delivering messages to the target audience.

16.Google Keyword Planner:

It the most important PPC tool to conduct the keyword research that helps to improve the SEO keyword performance.


It offers many bidding options like CPM, CPA, and CPC that target the audience by using technology and demographics.

18.PPC Protect:

It helps in avoiding automated fraud clicks through IP blocking technology that protects your budget on AdWords and campaigns.


We can say it as the conversion tool that defines categories of your webpages that most engaging the visitors and can help in website optimization.


It recommends the steps to improve the quality score of Google AdWords.


By using this tool, you can capture, track, and manage all important business calls during your ad campaign run.

22.Google Analytics:

The efficiency of your PPC ad campaigns and the performance of your business website can be measured with the help of Google Analytics.


it is the intelligence tool that can be used to find the competitors’ most valuable SEO data.


By uploading the images on Pinterest provides website backlink that helps in driving huge real-time traffic.

It is an automation tool that helps in creating, planning, measuring, testing, and launch of ad campaign within the platform.

26.Quora Ads:

No marketer has left without knowing Quora. The ad campaigns are served at the organic discussions where several relevant audiences used to participate.

27.Yandex Direct:

By using this, the ad campaigns can be served on both mobile and desktop along with the display banners.

28.Twitter Analytics:

The audience engagement can be discovered by using this tool, and the demographics of the Twitter campaign audience will be displayed.

29.Google AdSense:

By using this, the advertisers can create and publish ad campaigns on Google or Google partnered websites. This lets the publishers allow others to feed ads on different sections of the website.


It supports you to simplify your Google Ads and offers data-driven insights by analyzing your targets and conversion data.


It can be used to make recommendations by optimizing the PPC ad campaigns that enable automation of ad testing.


Unbounce is the only tool to take off an effective landing page that provides above 80 templates to build the required landing page.


It provides simple and multiple landing pages that one can choose the required.


It is the Demand-side platform that helps to launch the programmatic advertising with all tools that are required to track, identify, and engage the audience.


The prospects can be converted to customers by using this platform and retargeting on social media channels, and business websites are possible with this.


Through this tool, one can identify the best performing keywords that reach the right audience.

37.Answer the Public:

This is a free tool that helps to research keywords and turn the keywords into questions that are relevant to you.


By using this tool, you can create effective ad campaigns with a simple drag and drop interface.

39.Google Ads Scripts:

Google Ads Scripts can be used in everything that is from A/B testing to matching and competitor tracking.


40.Google Ads App:

Through this app, you can make keyword bidding adjustments, finding Google Ads recommendations, and disable or enabling Google Ad campaigns, ad groups, or ads.


It the retargeting tool that helps advertisers in finding brand awareness, revenue, and traffic.

42.Facebook Ads Manager:

To get the quick reports or statistics of your ad campaigns, this helps a lot.

43.Facebook Text Overlay:

Facebook doesn’t allow the ads that contain above 20% text, but if you feel that it is the major issue to launch the effective ad campaign, then run ads by using Facebook Text Overlay Tool.


Create excellent Gifs that can be used to launch on social and display ads.

45.Share as Image:

It is a great tool for content marketers to make effective their content creation along with that it can be used to establish amazing display ads.

46.Certified Knowledge:

The data analysis, optimization of your ad campaign quality score, and creating a number of ad campaigns is possible with this tool.

47.Call Rail:

The tracking, analyzing, and recording of calls can be done simply by using this tool while getting calls during your ad campaign. Moreover, it features the integration of Google Ads and Google Analytics.


It is also a call tracking and analytics tool along with that you can get phone numbers.

49.Google Ads Performance Grader:

The auditing of your Google Ads account can be done within or below 60 seconds by using this tool.

50.WordStream AdWords:

It provides feedback on ad campaign performance and generates metrics to improve and tailor the ad campaigns.


Just running and promoting the ad campaigns at the audience is not just enough to find potential sales. It is necessary to launch the most successful ad campaigns that improve the performance of marketing.

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