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Brand Environments

Several different kinds of brand environments exist in the digital world and it is likewise important to create your own brand environment accordingly.

Personal Branding :

Personal Branding works very well for small businesses. You use yourself, your character and your digital traits to establish a connection with your audience digitally. Whether it is through your blog on your website, your social media or your tweets and guest appearances on other web platforms, Personal Branding is a very unique, every personalized Brand environment that could earn you the trust of customers and followers pretty easily.

At DotnDot, we create your stage :

your website, your social media and your e-mail list! We create an environment for you, a following, the right look and you are ready to go.

Think of us as your PR guys, setting the stage for you to go conquer! If you have trouble conquering, our content team and talented copywriters will prepare your speech aka blog for you, your tag lines and manage your social media as well. So get personal with your consumer base through us!

E-tailing :

The Store environment is one of the difficult ones in the Web Brand Environments. Here your Brand Identity is decided by your products as well. At DotnDot, we specialize in creating the right feel for your E-commerce site and related social media, etc. so that customers can connect to your store and have the kind of feeling that they have when they enter a warm boutique store.

Making your Brand Environment special and exclusive could be done by emphasizing on your uniqueness in newsletters, online advertisements, and social media. Our branding experts at DotnDot are capable of creating that kind of environment for you and your brand.

Corporates :

Corporate web presence has an altogether different look and feel. While the important part is to maintain your corporate outlook reflecting on your capabilities, connecting with your visitors through interactive graphics, forms, surveys and presentations is also a part of creating your Brand Environment.

Your Brand Environment should help your visitors envision the kind of possibilities that your brand promises. At DotnDot, we promise to create that outlook for you through different tools like Search Engine Optimization (to draw more visitors), Social Media Marketing (to extend your popularity on to social media and enhance business networking opportunities), Digital Design (for each and every presence of yours on the web) and Copywriting (so your words reflect the values and promises of your corporation).

Web Brand Image and Maintenance :

Maintaining a Brand image requires patience, persistence, and strategy. We will make the strategy for you and provide you with all the tools and training required for you to make your brand self-sufficient on the internet. Our CMS based websites designed for complete control will help you maintain your brand image on the web continuously. In addition, we provide constant care and service to maintain your brand image. The services include

Infusing New Technologies :

There are several tools and applications for improving your web presence that keeps surfacing every now and then. DotnDot’s periodical technology-infusions will make your website look brand new every other day!

These are just a few things off the top of our heads that can improve your web image right away

Maps :

Marking your business on the global map is one simple thing that makes you more accessible to your visitors.

Social Media Sharing Widgets: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn…people are always spending time on these platforms. So make bring your platform closer to the social media through our customized widgets!

Analytical Tools :

How many people are visiting your website or your social pages? How many are sharing, commenting or subscribing? How many are not?

Analysing page traffic can give you enough idea about consumer reactions to your products. We will give you a head start for your analyses.

Migration :

We will help you migrate platforms to new, search engine friendly and technology flexible platforms so that your scope on the web is increased ten-fold.

Content Influx :

An important part of web maintenance is new content. Keep up your search engine rankings through our content services every month, quarter, or half year.

Personnel Training :

We provide special training for corporate personnel to use the analytical, sharing and updating tools for your web pages, social media, and e-commerce websites. While we would like to have you as our client forever, we also want you to become independent on the internet and use it to the best of its ability. The training includes:

Web Maintenance: Creating Search Engine-Friendly Content, Use of Content Management System (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.)

Tips and Tricks on Basic Internet Marketing, Basic SMM, Use of PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising), etc.

Use of Analytical Tools: Measuring web traffic, Page Rankings, Measuring traffic to sales conversion, Brand Power Calibration, etc.

Resources for keeping a tab on new and incoming technologies.

And much more….

Do you need Marketing Ideas and Consulting? Want to work with us? Have questions? Please contact us.

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