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Video Marketing concepts can be confusing for beginners to use and produce videos for business marketing purposes. In the below, video marketing glossary viz., the definition of some terms of concepts you need to know.

Where advertising and entertainment converge, Advertainment engages viewers through visual storytelling and creates a lasting memory in their minds. It is one of the most significant Video Marketing Glossary.

The ad server is to provide reporting on the performance of the advertisement. This tool used by publishers and advertisers to facilitate the ad trafficking.

It can be used for tracking and measurement of video metrics across mobiles/tablets/Advanced TV/desktop/out- of-home/television.

The number of times that someone clicks on an ad. Worth noting that DFA (DoubleClick for Advertisers) records a click even if that person doesn’t reach the landing page.

An abbreviation for “call to action” is the one that marketers frequently use in conversation: A CTA is a graphic or text that prompts a user to take the marketer’s desired action via click. Examples include Download now, sign up, share with friends, etc.

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