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50 Digital Audio Marketing and Advertising Statistics Marketers Should Know in 2022

50 Digital Audio Marketing And Advertising Statistics Marketers Should Know In 2022

Digital audio has huge consumer demand; it may be streaming radio, podcasts, and music as most of the users spend time on consuming digital medium. The landscape of advertising completely changing through the evolution of digital marketing, the requirement of business professionals and marketers to reach customer expectations. Here is the list of digital audio marketing and advertising statistics that help the businesses to understand the change of global advertising through audio.

Digital Audio Marketing and Advertising Statistics

  1. Almost 40% of digital audio users find voice ad campaigns, especially on smart speakers, that drive huge engagement than social media. TV, print, and online ads.
  2. Though the online audio advertising market is still blossoming, the offline radio ad market is on the rise of $21 billion.
  3. The consumers listen almost 1 to 5 hours of podcasts or music per week, and the majority is moving on mobile devices.
  4. The digital audio ad revenue is more than $2.3 billion.
  5. The United States audiences will listen to digital audio for more than 11 hours.
  6. 1/5th of U.S users will not listen to the digital audio content.
  7. 1/3rd of the consumers use voice-activated speakers in listening to podcasts or music.
  8. 61% of businesses are planning to increase the digital audio advertising budget i.e., more than 35%.
  9. By considering the report, 50% of users listening to digital audio while cleaning, cooking, and cooking other activities at home.
  10. The smartphone users spend 2 hours 55 minutes using apps, particularly in listening to digital audio and connect people on social media networks.
  11. More than 197million Americans known about podcasts.
  12. Over 2 million podcasts registered on Google.
  13. 32% of U.S people will listen to the podcasts once in a month.
  14. The business brands spent about $497+ million, especially on podcast advertising.
  15. 54% of the podcast users taking buying decisions after listening to product advertisements.
  16. There are more than 750,000 active podcasts.
  17. The business brands found a 14% rise in the purchase of products or services through the launch of ad campaigns on business podcasts.
  18. SoundCloud will get 45% when the creator’s music makes $1000, and rest, which is $550, will be assigned to the creator.
  19. SoundCloud pays almost $3 for every 1000 plays.
  20. SoundCloud is one of the trending music streaming platforms in the world market that reaches more than 175 million active users monthly.
  21. Panoply, Gimlet, VoiceAmerica, Wondery, etc. are some of the podcast monetization platforms.
  22. Almost more than 74% of podcast consumers are listening to podcasts to learn something.
  23. The podcasts personify almost 10% of all content that millennials want to listen to.
  24. Almost 56% of podcast users are male, and 44% are female are using podcasts.
  25. 65% of the American podcast consumers are using mobile or portable devices as the primary devices.
  26. Interactive Advertising Bureau report from Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide 2.0 states that Kia’s gambit paid in huge through the campaign that is generated almost more than 10.5 million impressions and lift the brand to 30%.
  27. The music streaming platforms like Spotify and other podcasts accounts to hold the 155 more consumer’s digital media minutes.
  28. More than 61% of podcast listeners are buying the products or services through podcast ad campaigns.
  29. Above 70% of the podcast, listeners are identifying the actual product name mentioned in the podcast promotion.
  30. Spotify launched PMP envisioned to serve the audio ads to it’s more than 70 million global ads supported users.
  31. More than 30 million Spotify users are intended to pay monthly fees, especially for the ad-free version of music.
  32. In the U.K, more than 24 million people are using podcasts weekly to listen to something else.
  33. Through geo-targeted audio ads in the U.K above 67% of podcast users more likely to visit the store after listening to the ad.
  34. According to Statista, the number of digital radio listeners raised to more than 191,6 million.
  35. Spotify accounts for more than 100 million consumers worldwide, and in the 83 million are paid, users.
  36. About 17 million are non-paid Spotify users who are utilizing the non-premium services and listening ads.
  37. Mobile plays a vital role in driving the programmatic audio revolt that more than 75.8% of U.S digital audio listening happens only on a mobile.
  38. Desktop accounts to drive 24.5% U.S digital audio listening.
  39. A Million Ads personalized audio advertising campaign found that personalized ads generated 2.4X more conversions from the listeners than generic ad listeners.
  40. The podcast listeners are intended to have higher education or college, along with more than $100,000 household income. It lets businesses treat them as the most valuable audiences while targeting.
  41. The mobile users are spending almost 25% of the time listening to the podcasts, other audio, and music.
  42. More than 45% of podcast listeners are enjoying $250,000+ in annual household income on average.
  43. More than 43% of podcast users are using Spotify in listening to the podcasts.
  44. Apple holds more than 60% of podcast downloads.
  45. Almost 52% of podcast users are listening to the entire episodes.
  46. According to Statista, above 90% of podcast consumers intended to listen to the podcasts from home itself.
  47. 94% of podcast users used to be active on at least one social media platform.
  48. Businesses in the market spend more than $497 million, especially to launch ad campaigns on the podcast.
  49. Almost more than 39% of small scale and medium-sized business owners the users of the podcast.
  50. Amazon Prime holds more than 105 million active podcast users.


The above statistics show how significant a role the digital audio marketing plays in the future of business brands that enables the brands to find potential sales. The digital audio marketing has become the trending marketing strategy to find huge business sales. Most of the businesses are in the lack of implementing the exclusive digital audio marketing strategies.

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