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Email Marketing Analytics: Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs for B2B Marketing

Email Marketing Analytics: Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs For B2B Marketing

Email Marketing Analytics: To measure the success of business growth performance, the companies must use the key performance indicators (KPIs). The financial limit that B2B companies will assign for marketing and the activities relevant to the business or company. With the help of the quantity of data and analytics, it is difficult for companies to differentiate the most significant and non-significant marketing metrics. It is often that marketing teams of the companies are suffering from the generation of potential leads, and not enough quality leads. The potential sales and marketing leads are essential for companies to measure the growth of the business. Here is the email marketing analytics where the B2B marketing metrics and KPIs involve.

Marketing KPIs

Marketing KPI is the measuring metrics used by the marketers in evaluating the success of marketing over all platforms. The trending marketing KPIs are the pack that contains the marketing qualified leads (MQL), cost per lead, website visitors per marketing platform, and cost per acquisition (CPA), etc.

Email Marketing Analytics

Email Marketing Analytics: Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is nothing but the measuring metric that reflects that the percentage of website visitors quit from the website without participating in the website activity such as buying, form sign up and link clicking, etc.

Through this, the businesses can identify the performance of their website that how it is reaching the audience. Reduce the bounce rate by delivering email campaigns with unique and readable content that conveys the right message to the relevant audience.

Email Marketing Analytics: Click Rate

The email click-through rate is the factor that can be used to find how many people have clicked on the number of links on the email marketing campaign.

That means through this; you can find the number of email campaigns successfully delivered to the subscribers.

Email Marketing Analytics: Click-to-Open Rate

It is the percentage of the email subscribers that have open the email campaign. The clicks and opens will let you find the performance of your email marketing campaign through which you can better enhance business growth.

Email Marketing Analytics: Conversion Rate

The email marketing conversion rate is nothing but the percentage of subscribers that take part in the action to buy after reading the emails generated by the business brands.

With the help of this email marketing metric, the businesses can scale the performance of email marketing, and the return on investment can be determined.

Email Marketing Analytics: Delivery Rate

The delivery rate of the email marketing can be defined as the percentage of the emails sent from which the bounce rate is ignored. Having an exact email list, unsubscribe option, and personalized email campaigns, etc. can enhance the growth of your business.

Email Marketing Analytics: Hard Bounce

The hard bounce rate of email marketing occurs when the email is unable to be delivered due to the invalid email address and incorrect domain name.

When the sender’s inbox is full, the emails sent will be rejected; this may be another reason to have the hard bounce rate.

Email Marketing Analytics: Open Rate

The percentage of email subscribers that have opened a particular email campaign from the total number of email subscribers is the open rate.

How effectively your email marketing campaign is reached, the right people can be determined by using this open rate measuring metric.

Email Marketing Analytics: Pass Along Rate

The pass-along rate is the scaling term for the word of mouth marketing where the delivery can be done by using the email marketing messages. Here the content plays a vital role in entertainment, breaking news, humor and shopping specials, etc.

Email Marketing Analytics: Read Length

The most effective email marketing metric is being competitive in the market, and to do this, one of the best effective ways is trimming the length of the email marketing.

Through this strategy, the email subscribers can feel comfortable finishing reading the email message and gives a quick response.

Email Marketing Analytics: Revenue per Email Sent

Revenue per email sent is the primary marketing metric through which you can track your email marketing campaign performance. Either it may be small or large, any business brands can use, but only a few organizations are using it.

Email Marketing Analytics: Soft Bounce

When the email marketing campaign is delivered to the recipient’s email server, and it is bounced back as an undelivered mail can be defined as the soft bounce. When the email inbox of the recipients is full, that may also lead to having the soft bounce.

Email Marketing Analytics: Unsubscribe Rate

The unsubscribe rate is the measuring entity, which can be the percentage of the people that have decided to unsubscribe from the mail list of an email marketing campaign.

The massive unsubscribe activity leads to show negative impact from email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo etc.

Email Marketing Analytics: Subscribe to Email Updates

As email marketing is one of the top ways to reach a wider range of customers, then it is necessary to encourage your existing customers, audiences, and website visitors to subscribe to the email updates.


The applied efforts on the business’s bottom line are a significant factor in measuring the success of the company by understanding the effectiveness of your business. When you hire the perfect marketing plan for your business, then you can prove yourself getting the added value credits for your business. What your business performance results in, but tracking the email marketing metrics and KPIs for B2B marketing, helps the companies to learn something that can be used to enhance the present and future marketing campaigns that can boost the sales of the business.

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