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Facebook Advertising: How to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook Advertising

Have you ever noticed the importance of Facebook other than communication?

Facebook Advertising

Is it sounds good?

Are you an advertiser?

Why don’t you use Facebook as the advertising platform?

Facebook Advertising:

The advertising on Facebook will lead to gain brand popularity by disclosing the products or services at the doorstep of the audiences. As it is the medium of communication, then it could be the advantage to get in touch with the millions of Facebook users and get continuous engagement by them.

The auto-play option is the one that is playing the lead role to attract the advertisers and publishers.

Facebook advertising is used by those who want to increase their revenue from their online store, etc. whoever wants to run Facebook ads, and they should first understand how Facebook advertising works for their business.

Did you know?

Out of 1.51 billion of Facebook Users, 1.23 billion are Facebook Active users from Mobiles.

Facebook advertising is considered an efficient way to promote products. Billions of people around the world are using Facebook, and the promotion through this platform can help reach a wider audience and develop the products.

Facebook ads also help to target a specific audience. The big questions, however, is to how to get the people to click the ads and buy the products.

How do Facebook Ads work?

There are several varieties in Facebook ads that include promoting an individual page, posting on it, users’ actions, and promoting the website.

The marketers can use Facebook ads to target their customers based on various things such as location, profile information, and demographics, which are only available on this social site.

The marketers can create, an ad set the budget. The advertisement appears in the sidebar of the site.

Facebook ads can drive engagement, create brand awareness, and drive users to another website.

Did you know?

1.9 billion Unique visitors for Facebook Every month. 

The marketers, however, must avoid targeting the wrong people. Targeting users is possible on Facebook by location, age, gender, language, workplace, education, relationship status, etc. The best to target are the location, gender, age, and interests.

Facebook Ad Bidding

Strategic bidding is essential for Facebook ads. Suggested bid range provided by Facebook, and for beginners, it is recommended to set the bid near the low end of this spectrum.

Optimizing the ads and targets is necessary to increase your CTR. The higher the CTR, there is the decrease in a bid, and if the CTR is low, then you need to bid more for a click.

Tips for Successful Facebook Advertising

When you are including Facebook Ads in your marketing strategy, make sure to optimize them. This will boost conversion rates.. here are some tips to improve the ad strategy and create successful Facebook ad campaigns.

    • Find about Facebook Ad pixel. Ad pixel allows getting relevant information about how people are using the website across various devices and helps the marketers to make informed decisions about the ad campaigns.
    • Focus on high quality and quantity video content. Facebook is a great way to build brand awareness and drive sales. According to reports, there is at least fifty percent growth in video viewing.
    • Do not share them from other websites but upload videos directly to Facebook.
    • Optimize the ads for mobiles.

Did you know?

75% of Users spent more than 20 minutes Every day on Facebook.

  • The images used in Facebook ads must optimize for mobile users. There should be a specified time frame to make the mobile users are more likely to act on the promotions quickly. The images should be able to get the attention of the busy audience.
  • Facebook ads are display ads, and the success of these ads can be assured by not asking the users to buy but to sign up. Do not expect every visitor who visits your website to purchase the product.

Just ask them to fill a form or submit an email address. It is then that you can use these details to promote your product or service through email marketing. Facebook ads are an excellent way to reach targeted customers and influence purchases.

Why we run Facebook Advertising Campaigns?

  1. Brand Building
  2. Personal Branding
  3. Sales Promotion
  4. Viral Publicity
  5. Traffic
  6. Lead Generation/Conversion

Why Use Facebook Advertising?

Different Types of Facebook Advertising

  1. Posts Boost
  2. Branding your Page
  3. Send Traffic to your website
  4. Getting conversions on your site
  5. App installs
  6. Increase engagement for your App
  7. Reaching people near to your Location
  8. Brand Awareness to the event
  9. Promoting Offer
  10. Getting video views
  11. Lead Generation Ads

While running a Facebook Advertising Campaign, first define your “Purpose” and “Target to Achieve.”

Facebook Advertising Process :

  1. Know your Ad Campaign Objective and What you want to achieve with this
  2. Define your Target Audience
  3. Define your Ad Types: Make it ready your Ad Campaign Creatives
  4. Set your Campaign Budget and Plan your targets accordingly
  5. Create/Launch Multiple Ad Campaigns
  6. Keep Track on your campaigns and monitor using Facebook Ad Manager App on the go.

10 Facebook Marketing Trends regarding Advertising

    1. Mobile is Dominating the Internet: Go Target Mobile users
    2. Instagram Gaining Traction: Create Facebook Ads along with Instagram.
    3. Native Advertising raises: Try Native Ads and Native Videos as Ads

Did you know?

More than 33 million people are using Facebook Every Month.

    1. Marketers are Mastering on Analytics and Automation: Use Programmatic Ads
    2. Measure ROI using Predictive Analytics Methods and Machine Learning Algorithms
  1. Video Ad Budgets Soring: Try Video Advertising
  2. Facebook Accelerating Innovation in Ads:
    Carousel Ads
    Power Editor
    Relevance Score
    Dynamic Product Ads
  3. Retargeting has become more powerful
  4. Broad Targets and International Markets Tacking off
  5. Location-Based Targeting is becoming more comfortable and cheaper

Facebook Advertising Best Practices

  1. Focus more on Mobile: World is running on Smartphones
  2. Increase eCommerce Conversions using Facebook Retargeting Pixels
  3. Use Multiple Creatives and Test Multiple Ads
  4. Optimize your Ad Spending using Analytics
  5. Test Facebook Video Ads: Don’t lose this goldmine in Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Resources and Tools :

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Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5: Link

Canvas adverts: Link

Facebook Ad Examples From Every Industry: Link

Facebook Ads Manager iOS: Link

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Facebook Ads Manual: Link

Everything you need to know to get started

Ad Copy Cheat Sheet: Link

Facebook Blueprint: Link

Facebook Ads Manager: Link

Facebook Ads Manager App: Link

Facebook and Instagram ads tool for professionals: Link

Optimize your Facebook Ads: Link

Hootsuite Ads: Link

Creative Hub: Link

Facebook Image Text Check: Link

WordStream Social Ads: Link

Facebook Chrome Pixel Helper: Link

Driftrock: Link

Pagemodo: Link

Design Your Ad: Link

Facebook Open Graph Debugger: Link

Canva: Link

Facebook Advertising Statistics for 2020

  1. Facebook’s watch generates more than 720 million views per month.
  2. On average, the audience spends above 26 minutes daily watching videos over Facebook watch.
  3. More than 100 million hours of videos are viewed on Facebook every day.
  4. Facebook accounts for more than 4 billion video views per day.
  5. The average engagement of Facebook videos is 6.01%.
  6. The native video content generates 478% more shares on Facebook.
  7. The Facebook video titles having numbers of accounts for higher views.
  8. $9.6 billion is the reach of Facebook advertising revenue by 2020.
  9. 19.7% is the global advertising market rate of Facebook.
  10. 0.9% is the click-through rate of Facebook advertising on an average.


Once you make use of Facebook advertising to promote your products or services that build a strong brand name, then you can find a drastic change in your results the higher growth. Facebook advertising can bring the challenging spirit of sketching advanced strategies to defeat the competitor.

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