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50 Instagram Advertising Statistics That Matter To Marketers In 2022

50 Instagram Advertising Statistics That Matter To Marketers In 2022

Instagram continuing to grow its population among all social media platforms. Instagram gained massive followers as per the statistics Instagram marketing is beneficial for the businesses and brand success. Instagram posts, Newsfeeds, stories feature help businesses to set marketing goals. Here are the 50 Instagram Advertising statistics every marketer should know in 2021.

Top 50 Instagram Advertising Statistics

  1. The carousel ads on Instagram obtain 70% or fewer likes.
  2. The above 6% of conversions increased through collection ads on Instagram.
  3. For every 1000 followers on Instagram, image ads get 1 comment.
  4. 20% of Instagram stories drive direct messages from the viewers.
  5. 60% of business brands add interactive play elements to the stories.
  6. 60% of Instagram stories are watched with sound on mode.
  7. 75% of the audience on Instagram perform an action on ads.
  8. $3.56 is the average CPC rate of Instagram ads.
  9. 72% of Instagram users purchasing the products after watching a product video.
  10. 70% of Instagram users are willing to buy through the mobile app.
  11. 71% of the U.S business brands are in the use of Instagram for business promotion.
  12. User-generated content on Instagram has a 4.5% increase in the conversion rate.
  13. 80% of Instagram users used to follow a business on it.
  14. 83% of Instagrammers are finding new products or services through Instagram.
  15. 80% of Instagram influencers prefer Insta to collaborate with brands.
  16. Around 17.33% of B2B companies are in the use of Instagram.
  17. Instagram itself drives 20x more audience engagement than LinkedIn.
  18. The B2B brands on Instagram see 22.53 interactions for 1000 followers.
  19. 13% of B2B businesses consider Instagram as very significant for social media promotion.
  20. Almost 69.2% of marketers are using Instagram.
  21. The posts are having locations get 79% more engagement on Instagram.
  22. 65% of top-performing business brands feature the products or services on Instagram.
  23. 7 out of 10 are branded hashtags on Instagram.
  24. 33.5% of marketers invest more on Instagram ads.
  25. Instagram, as nearly 2 million advertisers monthly.
  26. Instagram reached over 15% of Global audiences aged between 13 years and older.
  27. More than 50.9% of the Instagram ad audience is Female, and 49.1% are Male audience.
  28. $2.40 is the average cost per click per country.
  29. Instagram influences paid $100 to $2,085 per post by brands.
  30. Every 4 in 1 Instagram video ads are feature ads.
  31. One-third of the Instagram users purchased mobile phones influenced by Instagram ads.
  32. 26% of the IGVT users earn $75,000 annually for publishing brand content.
  33. Over 54.4% of the Instagram Influencers use story features for their campaigns.
  34. Almost all brands prefer to include hashtags for ads.
  35. 79% of brands consider Instagram as the best platform for advertising.
  36. 4.3% is the average engagement for brand posts on Instagram.
  37. Ads with targeted people have 50% more engagement than the standard ads.
  38. Including, at last, one hashtag on Instagram ads will increase 12.6% of the engagement rate.
  39. Big advertisers more attract Instagram stories on their platform.
  40. Instagram story ads are increasing the purchase intensity, ad recall, CTR, and message association.
  41. Instagram ads cost more than the Facebook ads, but spending on Instagram ads gives 40% more accurate results.
  42. 70 % of Instagrammers are willing to explore the brands and Instagram makes shoppers easy shopping;
  43. Instagram is exploring Instagram ads program through the feed, More than 50% of the accounts using exploring it every month
  44. By 2021, $12.32 billion ad revenue generated for Instagram.
  45. By 2021, 849.3 million is the average advertising engagement for Instagram users.
  46. 20% of the brands on Instagram use videos that hold higher engagement than photos, and the length of the Instagram video is 30 seconds.
  47. Generally, the videos on Instagram look like video posts, but they are tagged with ‘sponsored.’
  48. We can find above 8 million business profiles on Instagram.
  49. Over 43% of Facebook accounts take place on Instagram ads.
  50. 25% of Instagram ads are single video type with a length of 60 seconds.


After reading all the statistics, You people came to know the power of Instagram ads, how it’s useful for Brands and small-scale businesses. Now you know the significance of Instagram ads and leverage in your business.

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