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Instagram Analytics: The Ultimate Guide

Instagram Analytics

On average, more than 80 million photos shared on Instagram. Instagram has doubled its active community in the last two years. Every great an Instagram account start from somewhere, but building an enthusiastic audience community must depend on understanding the Instagram Analytics in Instagram marketing.

Do you know how efficient Instagram Analytics is?

Are you aware of Instagram Marketing interacts with the overall marketers?

Would you like to build up an active community for your Instagram account?

All these depend on the understanding of Instagram analytics. Instagram analytics data should inspire your content strategy. Once if you are adequately understood the Instagram analytics, then only you can get a clear idea of creating content that will lead to engaging audiences and followers.

Similarly, understanding Instagram Analytics can spark new ideas and a new strategy to generate fantastic content. Anyone can understand Instagram analytics if you follow the below guidelines.

Instagram Profile Analytics

Instagram profiles are limited when compared to other social media accounts. However, the follower’s count, profile views, and website clicks are the main components of Instagram Profile analytics.

Followers Growth:

The follower’s growth located in between your profile and posts. Mostly, it is the critical element of your account because anyone goes to your account. They initially see the followers count. Probably the follower’s Growth is a prominent metric and first impression of the Insta account.

Website Clicks:

Including website URL in your account directly guide your audience to view the website. It helps to gain more traffic to the sites. You can track the audience engagement in analytics based on how many visited websites by clicking this URL.

Profile views:

You can track how many people go through your account, compare the views from the last few weeks. Profile views metric help you to identify what type of account is yours and who you are?.

Instagram Audience Analytics

Before going to the content preference, an Instagrammer should understand the audience’s preferences. The critical factors we should remember when we are analyzing the audience analytics Age, Gender, active hours, active days, and demography.


Target your audience by age. Age should be the primary factor when targeting the audience. Instagram analytics shows you the exact age of your account followers.


You can also sort gender by using age preferences. Gender is another metric to set your audience and get to know the audience’s preferences. We can also target the audience views by gender.

Active Hours:

Notify when your Instagram followers active hours. Under followers, you can see the highly active hours of the audience visit your profile. Take advantage of this metric to fix the best hours to post.

Active Days:

Find the top days in a week that your audience is active and often visit your profiles. It is just like active hours you can fix the beat days to schedule and post the images.


Notify the Instagram follower’s location from where they are viewing your profile. Demography is the simple metric that Instagram insights will show you the country, city, and exact location of the audience.

Individual Post Analytics

Instagram Analytics goes beyond the posts, which will get more likes and comments. Instagram post analytics vary visually, how many Likes and comments your post received.

Carousel up to 10 photos:

Allows uploading multiple images in a single post. It offers up to 10 pictures if you are using third-party planner apps.


Simplest ways to monitor Instagram post-performance. Track the number of Likes received by a single post. Best way to know analyze which content works and which doesn’t work.


Comments are the next level of engagement for your audience. Notify How many comments a single Instagram post received. It may be positive or negative. It helps to get feedback from the audience regarding your posts.

Next, jump to two-way communication by replying to the comments. Comments are precious gifts from the audience to know the post engagement.


Instagram introduced an extraordinary feature to save other Instagram posts data. You can easily keep the data to view later, and you can easily repost your favorite photos from others’ feed. Track how many people saved your Instagram posts.


Analyze how many numbers of times your post will be seen and how long the audience stays in your post. If users just scrolled, your post counted as a single impression.


Reach, and Impression looks similar but slightly varies in features. Reach is nothing, but the total number of accounts reached your post. Reach is the ultimate metric to monitor how many new accounts visited your profiles.


The number of Instagram accounts that reached liked and commented on your post. If your post engagement is high, you will get more new followers.

Top Posts:

Instagram posts which earned the highest number of impressions from top to bottom for the last 30 days. Top Posts help to identify which type of posts more trending on Instagram.

Instagram Stories Analytics

Just like Snapchat, Instagram also launched Instagram stories to share your daily activity in the form of short stories. Instagram stories even stay 24 hours later; it disappears. Business accounts can use Instagram in many ways to reach the audience.

Instagram story analytics can be analyzed based on these metrics,


Impressions are nothing but how many people viewed your story and how many times. For example, if one person viewed your story two times. That means we can count it as one reach and two impressions.


Several active users who saw your whole story. Reach gives you the overall count of actual users who viewed your story.

Total Interactions:

The total interaction metric gives a clear idea on which place users clicked to watch the story like hashtags, special stickers. You are providing a shortcut to the other follower to click on a particular image or hashtag.

Tap Forward:

This metrics gives you how many users are interested in viewing your next story by tapping on forward.

Tap Backward:

Tap backward metric gives you the exact number of people who would like to review your story once again. Or who would want to watch your previous story by tapping on tap backward?


Instagram stories will get replies in some cases like,

If your stories are engaging or if your asking questions to the users.

In some cases, if you post an eye-catch picture, people used to leave comments on stories.

Too many replies to your story are good signs that you are creating compelling stories.


People exit your story without watching it till the end. It can happen for two reasons,

If your Instagram account closed while listening to the story.

By mistakenly, if you click on X mark on the top right corner of the story.

Instagram Video Analytics

The success of the video depends on the number of shares. If the video goes viral, and it is a good indication that your Instagram marketing tips working correctly.
Therefore, the overall campaign of the Instagram video can conclude by its analytics.

The metrics we consider while analyzing the Instagram video analytics are,


The number of likes for a particular video shared on the Instagram account can be identified. This metric helps to know which type of content is most preferred by the audience.


The video has attained more views for a particular video, which helps to implement advanced strategies to improve audience engagement.


If the video campaign has reached the low amount of audience and deep impressions, and it can be reposted by adding some more content to get a hike on Instagram.


Instagram video engagement can be calculated by the total number of likes and comments. It can help to reach an audience directly, considering many comments from the video.


An impression will be measured by the total number of times a particular video being watched by the viewer.

Growth of New followers:

The growth of the new followers will be measured based on the new followers arrived for your Instagram video for a particular week comparing the previous figures.


The Instagram audience who shares your Instagram video by mentioning your username, which generated more impressions of a single activity will be measured.


Filters arrived on Instagram to add special effects to the videos. It can be estimated by which type of filter most responded by the audience, which drives real-time traffic to the video.

Response Rate:

It can be notified by considering the audience’s response in the form of comments and likes.

Instagram Ad Analytics

Instagram Ad Analytics consists of 5 significant metrics.

Visit Website:

The Website link in the bio section of the Instagram account clicked three times. It just happens two times by Organic search. One time we would expect from the Instagram ads.


The interactions are taken place by clicking on the ads displayed on KPI’s. We can expect 40% of the Organic search and the remaining 605 from the paid ads.


Impressions, it is different from the organic search. In this case, not every person sees your posts once or twice. It depends on the amount you spend on the Instagram ads. Here you are expecting 58% of the reach from the Instagram ads.


Here, we cannot differentiate how many followers came for paid ads and how many for regular engagement. You can only analyze and count how many new followers reached your account for a particular day or week.


This metric displays how many people reached your Instagram account from your sponsored brands. In this case, also we could expect 58% of the sponsored ads and the remaining 42% from the Organic Reach.

Instagram Analytics Tools


SocialBakers is the best tool if you are a visual person. The visual reports break down your top posts, hashtags, and filters. The most comprehensive design centered around to deliver the right analytics at the right time.

Union Metrics:

Union Metrics dashboard design with a user-friendly interface. It gives you a clear idea of what type of hashtags you must include what kind of content you should focus on.

Pixeli :

Pixeli gives free weekly reports displaying each day activity of an audience, new followers, post engagements, hashtag popularity, etc.

Instagram Insights:

Instagram Insights get with your Instagram business account. It displays basic charts about your post, stories, profile views, and conversions.

Squarelovin :

Squarelovin is the best platform if you are looking for a UGC for user Instagram account. This built-in analytics tool allows users to connect more than one account manager with the app.

Sprout Social :

Sprout Social analytics allows you to monitor brand data performance. One of the best features from the Sprout social it can also display competitor Instagram analytics reports. :

Free Instagram analytics tool for visual content, simple to connect with an Instagram account, and it also gives an influencer score. Here Influencer score measures the impact of visual content and the creators.

Measured :

The Measured free Instagram analytics tool provides detailed graphical reports to the Insta account, which has less than 25,000 followers.

Later :

Best Instagram Analytics tool and scheduling tool to manage your account. Not only scheduling it also measures the performance of your account and gives you detailed analytics.

TapInfluence :

TapInfluencer Instagram analytics tool enables you to manage campaigns, find influencers, and offer Instagram analytics.











Instagram Story Analytics:

Instagram story insights are alive up to 14 days after publishing a story. The interactions, including profile visits, replies, sticker taps, can be found. Discovery enables you to find the number of Insta accounts viewed your story containing impressions and follows. It is completely free to access.

Social Rank:

It provides the Instagram audience metrics in detail. Through this, the businesses can update and deliver their content according to the audience pattern given by Social Rank.


The added benefit of it is that you can make sentiment analysis by your posts and images. Additionally, you can build the world-cloud.

By using, you can make analysis on Hashtags, Profiles, followers demographics, campaign reports, engagement analysis, content analysis, and competitive analysis, etc.


Popular Chips:

The users can find the traction on Instagram through complete analysis generated by Popular Chips. It offers analytics like most followed, Quality score, Top by country, top influencers by country, trending influencers on Instagram, and trending topics.


It is the most useful tool to engage your audience through influencer research. The audience insights, engagement, influencing score of social media channels, and demographics, etc. can be found.


The most powerful influencer marketing tool where the brands and influencers can easily analyze the performance of their campaign on Instagram. We can analyze influencer profiles, performance reporting, bulk email outreach, KPI tracking, trend alerts, and competitor comparison etc. is possible.


It is a single stop solution for all Instagram analytics. This is where you can find the followers’ growth, hashtag performance, click-through rates, audience engagement, and competitor engagement, etc. The tracking of all your Instagram data is only possible through Owlmetrics.


Instagram marketers have dozens of Instagram analytics tools that are offered free of cost. Some of the Insta Marketers don’t know how to choose the best one and how to work with that interface. Here, we have compiled an ultimate guide to Instagram Analytics and the best tools.

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