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50 Instagram Statistics You Should Know In 2022

50 Instagram Statistics You Should Know In 2022

Instagram is the largest photo and video sharing platform in Digital Marketing. These Instagram Statistics show how Instagram is on the top of Social Media, where the Businesses owners and Brands are likely to promote their products and services. IGVT is updating its unique features every year. Over 500 million stories updated daily. This data show how a large percentage of the World using Instagram for Business. The listed Instagram statistics will show how to take the promotion strategies over Instagram.

Top 50 Instagram Statistics

  • An average of 63% of people logs in to Instagram account once in a day.
  • By 2020, Instagram users spend at least 28 minutes on the platform in a day.
  • 18-34 years aged people are the most active users on Instagram.
  • Over 130 million shopping-related ads are tapped on Instagram.
  • More than 73% of US teens say that Instagram is the most active medium to stay online.
  • One business profile in a day gets 200 million visits on its platform.
  • Instagram Ads get a 4.5X times higher conversion rate than the other ads.
  • 81% of the marketers say UGC ads influence the buyer’s decisions.
  • 92% of the active users trust the UGC ads than Traditional ads.
  • On Instagram, over 849.3 million users reached through the Instagram ads.
  • Over 500 million active users use update Instagram stories every day.
  • When it comes to Android users, they spent 53 minutes per day on Instagram.
  • Over 72% of the purchases are done through Instagram ads after viewing the video.
  • More than 80% of the Instagram users live outside of the United States by 2020.
  • 71% of the US Businesses say they use Instagram ads for Marketing their products.
  • The US is Leading inactive Instagram Users with 120 million in 2019.
  • over 83% of the Instagrammers are inventing the new products through Instagram.
  • More than 80% of the Influencers go through Instagram for Collaborations.
  • Instagram generated 20 X times of engagement compared to Linked Ads.
  • 29% of the Interactions increased through Instagram between the years 2017 to 2018.
  • 80% of product buyers make decisions with the help of Instagram.
  • Over 65% of the Top brands post their product features with the help of Instagram.
  • 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded tags.
  • Over 25 % of the ads on Instagram are single videos with 60 sec of a time limit.
  • Instagram is the 2nd most downloaded social media app on the Apple store.
  • 25% of smartphone users are using Instagram.
  • Each month 1 billion people are using Instagram and 500 million every day.
  • One billion monthly active users for an Instagram account.
  • For every 24 hours, more than 100 million photos uploaded.
  • The 10th first Google query is Instagram.
  • The proportionate of online adults who use Instagram platform growth raised to 400%.
  • Each day 200 million Instagrammers visit the one business profile.
  • One hundred thirty million Instagrammers click the shopping posts each month.
  • The business brands on Instagram find ten times more user engagement than any other social media platform.
  • Every day, 1+ million Instagrammers watch live video.
  • 76% of business brands stated that images are the best to upload on Instagram.
  • 14.2% of the posts on Instagram are video content, and 71.9% are photos.
  • The brands pay almost $100 to $2,085 to the Instagram influencers per post.
  • The ad audience on Instagram is 50.9% female, and 49.1% are male.
  • In 2020 Instagram will earn an ad revenue of 12.32 billion.
  • 928.5 million is the average Instagram advertising reach.
  • Instagram photos get more than 23% of the engagement when compared to Facebook.
  • Business brands upload 2.5 stories on Instagram each day.
  • $2.40 is the average cost per click on Instagram.
  • 79% of business brands are using Instagram influencer campaigns than compared to other social media channels.
  • More than 25 million business brands are in the use of Instagram for brand promotion.
  • Video posts on Instagram obtain 48% more user engagement than pictures.
  • Every two out of 3 three users on Instagram are aged between 18-29 years.
  • Instagram posts having a location tag find 79% more engagement.
  • On Instagram, #Love is the first used hashtag (almost above 1.7 billion times used).


Each social media platform has a unique strategy to attract and engage their audience. In the same way, Instagram created its buzz in the market through posts with pictures and videos. Instagram is the only best way for brands to find real-time customers. The above mentioned Instagram statistics will show how it shows an impact on the business brand performance.

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