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50 LinkedIn Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2021

50 LinkedIn Statistics Every Marketer Should Know In 2021

LinkedIn is the leading professional networking website where a million industrialists are connecting. It is also the most trustworthy social media platform for job seekers, where it offers many job opportunities.

The business required skills like thought leadership, digital marketers’ strategy, and delivering high-quality content, etc. is possible through this reliable social platform LinkedIn. Here are a few unbelievable LinkedIn statistics that can define how significant LinkedIn is in the present market.

LinkedIn Statistics On Growth

  1. There are 500+ million LinkedIn users.
  2. The senior-level LinkedIn influencers are about 61 million, and 41 million are in the position of decision making.
  3. LinkedIn has 57% of male users and 43% of female users.
  4. 51% of college-educated Americans use LinkedIn.
  5. Mobile generates 57% of LinkedIn user traffic.
  6. Content Impressions on LinkedIn are 15x more than the job postings.
  7. Year after year, the LinkedIn user engagement increasing by 50%.
  8. Employees on LinkedIn generate 30% of the engagement of a particular company.
  9. 4 out of 5 users are LinkedIn driving business decisions.
  10. LinkedIn has 77% of recruiters.
  11. Each day the user spends 17 minutes on LinkedIn on an average.
  12. On ana average, every day, the job seekers spend 30 minutes on LinkedIn.
  13. Almost 90% of LinkedIn users are using Facebook.
  14. 39% of LinkedIn users are premium users.
  15. Almost 27% of Americans are in the use of LinkedIn.
  16. 45% of users on LinkedIn earn about $75,000 per year.
  17. About 87 million millennials are using LinkedIn.
  18. 33% of millionaires are on LinkedIn.
  19. India is the top second most used country for LinkedIn.
  20. LinkedIn generates 46% of traffic to B2B companies through other social media sites.
  21. 97% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn for content promotion.
  22. About 3 million LinkedIn users used to share content weekly.
  23. 2.74% is the lead conversion rate of LinkedIn.
  24. 62% of B2B marketers find lead generation through LinkedIn.
  25. 42%of marketers are planning to increase ad campaign budget on LinkedIn.
  26. LinkedIn has 310 million monthly active users per month by 2021. Statistics.
  27. Over 40% of active users visit LinkedIn daily.
  28. 92% of the Fortune 500 companies use the LinkedIn platform.
  29. 90 million seiner level influencers use the LinkedIn
  30. Over 36 million decision-makers use and influenced by LinkedIn.
  31. 77% of the recruiting companies and recruiters are in LinkedIn Globally.
  32. More than 30 million businesses are listed on LinkedIn.
  33. Over 70% of the LinkedIn members are from outside of the USA.
  34. 39% of LinkedIn users have a premium subscription.
  35. 91% of marketers believe that LinkedIn is the best place to find quality content.
  36. 92% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn other than social networks.
  37. The First International office of LinkedIn is in London.
  38. $1.5 billion increased revenue for LinkedIn from the past one year, and it’s 28% of total revenue.
  39. LinkedIn ranked as the 17 most popular website in the US.
  40. Over 58% of the US population aware and use LinkedIn in the US.
  41. One hundred million Android downloads for the LinkedIn app.
  42. Every 2 seconds, a new member joins on LinkedIn.
  43. 50% of the LinkedIn users are aged between 35 to 44.
  44. Seventeen minutes is the average time spent by a LinkedIn user in a month.
  45. The highest number of LinkedIn members use YouTube notifies ad 94%, and 90% of them use Facebook.
  46. ‘Who viewed your profile’ is the most rated feature by the 76% of LinkedIn users.
  47. Over 85% of the US companies recruit candidates through LinkedIn.
  48. 98% of the LinkedIn images has highly comment rate, and links in the post double the engagement rate.
  49. In-between Tuesday 8 AM and Thursday, 4 PM are notified as best times to post on LinkedIn.
  50. Listing more than five skills on LinkedIn profiles has 17 Times more views.


LinkedIn has numerous options for recruiters when it comes to Information and skills. Premium LinkedIn account allows subscribers a more in-depth look into the Skills and habits of profiles. These top 50 LinkedIn statistics will help out during the search of the right employees. It may be helpful to improve individuals’ career options.

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