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50 Marketing Automation Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

50 Marketing Automation Statistics You Need To Know In 2022

Marketing Automation is the game changer of your campaigns to be effective from simple ideas. All industries are starving to find better and advanced marketing automation tools and software that makes their marketing efforts simpler and reaching a vast audience. This strategy helps the business brands to see more than expected ROI and conversion rates. If no Marketing Automation, then there is no such brand reputation for any business that takes off on social media platforms. One cannot handle and play alone to inherit the expert level marketing automation strategies to win the game of digital marketing.

The craving technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Marketing Automation are playing the role of one-man-show in Digital Marketing to drive the attention of customers towards business brands. Now Marketing Automation letting the number of brands to survive in the top list of the global market. To go more deeply into finding the greatness of Marketing Automation, go through the below-mentioned statistics.

Marketing Automation Statistics

1.The marketing automation generates more than 14.5% in sales productivity.

2.Personalized campaigns drive more than 75% of Email revenue.

3.More than 63% of marketers intended to increase the budget on automation marketing.

4.Above 51% of businesses are in the use of marketing automation, and more than 58% of B2B companies are deciding to use this technology.

5.The companies adopting marketing automation for their business are seeing a 451% increase of highly qualified leads.

6.40% of business brands who are not in the use of marketing automation are planning to implement it.

7.Almost 77% of companies are finding an increase in sales conversion through marketing automation.

8.99% of marketers are stated that marketing automation is the most significant factor in generating online marketing growth.

9.74% of marketers obey that marketing automation technology saves time, which is a huge benefit.

10.Almost more than 100 marketing automation marketing tools platforms that contain verified user reviews.

11.91% of businesses stating that marketing automation is essential to launch successful ad campaigns.

12.61% of the marketer’s opinion is to improve the lead generation is the only target through marketing automation.

13.9 out of 10 marketers are using more than one software tool of marketing automation regularly.

14.According to SharpSpring, marketing automation is worth $6.1 billion, and by 2023 it may be doubled.

15.More than 480,000 company websites are currently using the technology of marketing automation.

16.58% of industries using marketing automation consider that sales conversion and revenue are essential metrics to measure performance.

17.27% of marketers are considering themselves as new to marketing automation.

18.Ease of use is the most significant factor for 86% of marketers to evaluate the automation tools.

19.More than 63% of businesses are top-performing over competitors by using marketing automation tools.

20.B2B marketers that use marketing automation improved 100% of the sales pipeline on average.

21.Knowing the functionality of marketing automation tools is the primary challenging task for 243 businesses.

22.Within six months, more than 44% of companies find ROI by implementing marketing automation.

23.Click-through rate and unsubscribed rate are significant metrics in measuring the ROI through marketing automation.

24.75% of companies are using marketing automation tools and software in less than six months.

25.Nucleus found that 20% of business productivity increased only through marketing automation.

26.Data-driven marketing automation is the most preferred category by the content marketing teams.

27.More than half of businesses are not keeping up with marketing automation tools.

28.85%of markets say that social media scheduling is the most considerable for marketing automation.

29.44% of influencers consider that personalized content is a big challenge with marketing automation.

30.The marketing automation finds positive sentiment that saves 30% of the time.

31.94% of marketers obey that marketing automation tools optimizing content is the most appealing one.

32.More than 91% of businesses say that marketing automation tools allow their teams to analyze, act, and review the marketing and data in real-time.

33.The nurtured leads find 23% of the low sales cycle through marketing automation.

34.84% of companies determine the quality of marketing automation by using CRM along with lead scoring.

35.57% of marketers consider that marketing automation is quite beneficial, and 26% find limited and no benefits.

36.More than 97% of B2B businesses are using email marketing automation.

37.97% of users using CRM, and 96% use marketing automation technologies.

38.Just 30% of businesses are not in the use of marketing automation to deliver the content.

39.8% of B2C marketers say that automation marketing is the top preferred for digital marketing.

40.21% of B2B marketers consider that automation marketing is the primary marketing tool.

41.More than 79% of top business brands are using marketing automation for longer than two years.

42.Above 76% of businesses notices the positive Return on Investment (ROI) within a year.

43.36% of companies are using the marketing automation strategy to minimize repetitive marketing or promotion tasks.

44.Due to a lack of experience in hands-on marketing automation, almost 55.6% of businesses are not using.

45.The lead-nurturing through marketing automation converts almost 15 to 20% of customers into sales of a business.

46.More than 80% of marketers categorize marketing automation as the top contributor to their success.

47.16% of companies assume that the creation of high-quality content is the #1 challenge through marketing automation.

48.More than 20% of business brands are confusing or struggling to find the right marketing automation tools.

49.The cost of tools or software is one of the most challenging tasks for the marketers that are objecting to implement marketing automation.

50.64% consider that email marketing is the trending category of marketing automation.

Final Thoughts

Just implementing the marketing automation not enough to reach your business objectives; along with that, it is necessary to research executing those tools and software to drive the perfect results of sales conversions. The most experienced internal or external team is required to manage and monitor the performance of marketing automation that determines your business fate either to go successfully or unsuccessfully. Find your potential leads and customers by rolling the dye of marketing automation seamlessly by launching the most successful business.

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