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50 Pinterest Statistics Every Digital Marketers Should Know in 2022

50 Pinterest Statistics Every Digital Marketers Should Know In 2022

Social Media Marketing is the first and most significant step to showcase your eCommerce brand and products. Pinterest is one of the important social media platforms for marketers, though it is not as popular as other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To understand the potentials of this platform, you must know the Pinterest Statistics and facts.

Top 50 Pinterest Statistics

  1. 30% of the social media user has Pinterest.
  2. Marketers predict that Pinterest will reach a 30/70 gender ratio by 2022.
  3. 80% of the New Signups for Pinterest are outside of the US.
  4. Pinterest is the 4 th most popular social media site in the US, and 29% of US adults use Pinterest.
  5. Over 50% of the new Pinterest Account holders are Men.
  6. 59% of Pinterest users use to know more about purchase-related information.
  7. 80% of Pinterest users are login from Smartphones.
  8. As per the Pinterest statistics, 1.5 million businesses use Pinterest.
  9. Users can fine 75 billion ideas from Pinterest pins.
  10. An average of 158 number of pins made by a female user.
  11. 175+ billion is the total number of pins on Pinterest by 2020.
  12. 84% of Consumers use Pinterest to make decisions on Wat to buy.
  13. More than 2 billion pinners save the shopping pins to their bards.
  14. 97% of the searches on Pinterest are not related to any of the boards.
  15. Pinterest drives 33% of the referral traffic to eCommerce sites.
  16. 40% of Pinterest users have a yearly household income of over $100k.
  17. Pinterest generated 4X times more Sales and Conversions than the other digital campaigns.
  18. 11 PM is the most active pinning times, and around 6% of the pins happen at this time.
  19. 39% of the female users’ searchers opt for Pinterest other than Google and Bing.
  20. 47% of the Pinners utilize Pinterest to plan upcoming Life events.
  21. Travelers and Bloggers were 2 X times more likely to use Pinterest other than traditional travel sites.
  22. The Market value of Pinterest is more than $15 billion by 2020.
  23. Pinterest makes $700 million in revenue by 2020.
  24. People aged between 18 to 49 are the most active pinners.
  25. 55% of Pinterest user searches, especially for products.
  26. More than 14 million articles are posted on Pinterest daily.
  27. 40% of new signups on Pinterest are arriving from men only.
  28. 80% of mobile users use Pinterest.
  29. An active female Pinterest user makes 158 pins on an average.
  30. Each month more than 265 million people use Pinterest.
  31. In the U.S alone, Pinterest is the top 5th mobile app.
  32. The brand content is engaging 51 % of female Pinterest users in the U.S.
  33. 215 million Pinterest users are outside the United States.
  34. Pinterest accounts for 2 billion monthly searches on an average.
  35. 97% of unbranded searches take place on Pinterest.
  36. Every month the 600 million visual searches occur on Pinterest on an average.
  37. On average, each visitor spends 14.2 minutes on Pinterest.
  38. Nearly 10,000 brands on Pinterest have buyable pins.
  39. After browsing content on Pinterest, 30% of Pinterest users bought something.
  40. 52% of Pinterest users stated that it helps to make a purchase decision on what they want to buy.
  41. Weekly 90% of Pinterest users make product purchase decisions.
  42. More than 4 billion boards created on Pinterest on an average.
  43. More than 16 billion Pinterest pins are related to Fashion.
  44. The opinion of 75% of Pinterest users is that it is the only place to find new ideas.
  45. 67% of users use Pinterest to explore their creativity.
  46. 84% of millennials use Pinterest to find health and fitness ideas.
  47. There are more than 1 billion businesses on Pinterest.
  48. Pinterest has more than 4 billion recipe pins.
  49. Businesses save 75% of Pinterest content.
  50. More than 40% of United States dads are using Pinterest.


To make your business the most powerful, tap the icon of Pinterest, which the trending marketing hub for billion businesses. Moreover, the business accounts can collect the audience insights like impressions, views, etc. on the single dashboard offered by Pinterest itself. The above mentioned Pinterest statistics will project the performance of its platforms while any marketer chooses to promote.

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