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Programmatic Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

Programmatic Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

Today everything goes on automation. Especially, many brands are completely relying on automation while coming to advertising. When the brands want to launch the successful ad campaigns on digital platforms. Then Programmatic Advertising is the most distinguishable one. Just go through the below phrases to find everything about it.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

The use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to purchase advertising in real-time. With no traditional approach like preset price and human negotiation is termed as Programmatic Advertising. Simply, it is the process of buying and selling ads through automation.

In earlier Ad buying had consumed a lot of time of advertisers. But now by the use of programmatic advertising making advertising process easy. Hence, the Demand Side Platform algorithms and software are essential. These are used to manage and optimize online advertising campaigns.

Who uses Programmatic Advertising?

Especially on digital platforms where the video, social, display, and mobile involved. Then, Programmatic Advertising exists.

Most of the traditional channels are turning to digital platforms.

However, we frequently see that this type of advertising is being used on digital screens. They are like bus stations, billboards, and shopping malls, etc.

Previously, small-scale businesses are used to be away from programmatic advertising. Also, it is only reserved for large-scale businesses and media agencies.

But now the small-scale businesses are launching this type of advertising as it is offered at affordable prices.

Most importantly, this activity is leading them to give high competition to large-scale businesses.

Programmatic Advertising Terms

Audience segments:

We can define the audience segmentation as where the division of markets takes place based on the specific criteria.
Similarly, the advertiser of beauty products might have an interest in the audience like teens. Also, they might not show interest in kids and older people.


The cookies are software install on computers. However, the primary function of cookies is to fetch the user information after visiting the website. Likewise, the cookies help the advertisers to provide a faster user experience. Also more reliable through repeated visits.

Brand safety:

It is to check whether the ad campaign is appearing at the exact social media channels. That means if a brand doesn’t want to place their products at the opponents or hate channels. Therefore, in such cases, the protection of brands from other websites more essential.


Cost per Thousand is nothing but the form of pricing. Here the paying value of advertisers is measured per 1000 potential views. This pricing form is mostly used in paying to place the ad campaigns.


A bot is a software tool that helps to impersonate human actions online. Perhaps, this tool helps the advertisers to chat with the users, especially for frequent customer inquiries.

Real-time bidding:

It is the process of buying advertising space through real-time bidding. Here the use of software tools helps the advertisers to purchase ad space.


The Demand Side Platform is the software that helps to make programmatic advertising. DSP automates the purchase and availability of search, mobile, and video ads.


The Supply Side Platform works by combining with the DSPs. Also, it combines the channels of advertising and display at the advertisers.

Third-party data:

The data that is being used by the advertisers which are not generated by the digital publishers. But it is sold and offered to the digital advertisers.

How to do Programmatic Advertising?

Understanding the market place:

It is the most significant aspect that you need to choose the programmatic advertising.

You should have an idea of what you are going to do? How advertising takes place? Clarity on your competitors and plans that you want to apply.

Take care of your brand:

While coping with programmatic advertising, one should focus on delivering the most relevant ads in specific areas.

However, displaying irrelevant ads are the most commonly happening mistake through this advertising.

The updation of the backlink of the demand side is necessary. If the other agencies are involved, then let them do this to gain successful results.

Decide your goal:

When you have a clear picture of your market place, then it is the best time to set your goal.

You should find which type of advertising awareness you required to go ahead.

The most important thing is that you must remind why you are choosing programmatic advertising.

Human touch:

As we know that programmatic advertising depends on programs and algorithms. To have the proper functioning of it, we need to provide a human touch. We need to know that all platforms will not offer fully managed automatic services. Where it needs the involvement of humans to do manually.

Examples of Programmatic Advertising

Here we are listing the brands who are most successful in making conversions by using programmatic advertising.


The world-famous brand Audi has chosen the programmatic advertising before launching the Q2. The company stepped ahead to find the tastes and preferences of its users. Google’s help in launching the Audi campaign has made its day. Then the company has acquired four times higher average conversion.

The Economist:

It is completely focused on finding interested readers about their content. The stories that are most preferred by their followers. The web page analyzation, which is most preferred by their readers, is done, and it is implementing programmatic advertising on those web pages. Then it has gained huge growth in its demand.

Turner Sport:

This company took Google’s help. It entirely focussed on building the audience by using AdWords before touching the Google algorithm for programmatic advertising. The launch of real-time event videos worked best to launch the programmatic advertising campaign.

Programmatic Advertising Tips

Here is a list of tips to launch successful programmatic advertising.

  • Be careful about hiring the staff or an expert by knowing that you are investing in the right direction. Remember that they should have complete knowledge of relative pitch.
  • In the same way, to get most out of programmatic advertising, make a check on web page analytics that helps to keep track of cookies and devices. This helps to understand your audience better to build a successful ad campaign.
  • Many insights will help you to find on which devices and channels your ad campaign is playing effectively. Then you can use those channels.
  • Also, to fetch better results, make use of the already having data.
  • On multiple platforms, you can check the online ad campaigns to measure the efficiency of your ad campaign.

Programmatic Advertising Tools


The brands can make use of integrated insights over many channels by using DoubleClick programmatic advertising solutions.

The advantage of using DoubleClick is that it acts in real-time. Hence the publishers would know the performance of the inventory.


It is the most used retargeting and prospecting platform. It helps to focus more on Instagram, mobile-based platforms, and Facebook.


The programmatic platform of Choozle helps the brands to leverage consumer information to power in real-time.


Centro is the Demand Side Platform. The advertisers can make use of it to run online advertising on all channels.


The Outbrain has the most significance in the market for bringing both the marketers and publishers into the world’s most vibrant and largest content marketing platform.

Moreover, it gathers all sizes of marketers and publishers. Similarly, while using this platform, the clients can drive engagement, sort consumer insight, and create revenue.


However, it is an open programmatic advertising platform that allows marketers to understand and engage customers. Most of the global brands are partnering with DataXu to analyze and drive business advertising effectively.

Adobe Marketing Cloud:

The Adobe offers digital marketing solutions like programmatic advertising as Adobe Marketing Cloud. While it is tough to buying automate ads without predicting customer demands. By using it, you can make simple ad buying where the customer behavior is calculated.

Rubicon Project:

Rubicon is the top platform to manage programmatic advertising on digital platforms. It automates the negotiation of deals with buyers, and it updates the traditional REP.


By using customization solutions, CPXi unites the same publishers and advertisers to drive the ad campaign performance through transparency.

Pulse Point:

By using Pulse Point, the brands can launch advertising at the right consumer that helps to create real connections with the consumers as ads matter.

Programmatic Advertising Statistics for 2020

  1. The programmatic digital advertising spends in the United States will reach $22.10 billion.
  2. The businesses are gaining $2 ad revenue for each $1 spent on Google Ads.
  3. Google and Facebook are the highest shareholders of total United States digital advertising spent i.e., 38.6% & 19.9%.
  4. The CTR in Google AdWord’s overall industries is around 3.17%, especially for the search network.
  5. Online users spend almost 33% of the time on social media platforms.
  6. 4 out of 10 online users are following the business brand of their favorite on social media.
  7. More than 96% of B2C marketers reported that Facebook is the most valuable business branding platform.
  8. More than 69% of digital media consumption comes from mobiles.
  9. The mobile CTR and PPC rate drops to 45% on average.
  10. The mobile search ad campaigns improve business brand awareness by 46%.


The guidelines here might help you get complete knowledge on the importance of programmatic advertising in the life of digital advertising. Along with benefits, it has some defects where the brands should be careful while using programmatic advertising.

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