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Retargeting Tools : The Best Retargeting Platforms (Updated List 2022)

Retargeting Tools : The Best Retargeting Platforms (Updated List 2022)

The landscape of digital marketing is leading the companies to invest time and money on launching the most compelling ad campaigns that can be used to target potential customers across social media and ad network platforms. The only aim is to let the customers visit the business website. Retargeting is the best suitable tactic in navigating the customers to your website. This is why one should need to implement the retargeting strategy to reach the customers. Mostly the retargeting platforms are more flexible in accessing the websites and networks that are displaying your ad campaigns through which you can reach the right audience at the right time.

Best Retargeting Tools

Retargeting Tool: Adroll

AdRoll is the platform that helps businesses retargeting ads that include social media, display, and email advertising that can be used to enhance the growth of your business. The integration of industry required automation and personalization of ad targeting features enabling the business brands to measure, synchronize, and boost up their marketing efforts.

Retargeting Tool: Criteo

It is one of the top trending retargeting ad platforms through which the companies can retarget the audience to visit their website. Moreover, it offers dedicated customer service that lets you find bidding optimization techniques. Also, the businesses can serve the ads on Facebook.

Retargeting Tool: SmarterHQ

It is the behavioral marketing tool that supports marketers in enhancing business growth and revenue by establishing customer relationships by offering a personalized and cross-platform experience. It is the most trusted retargeting platform by the top brands that are finding real-time results.

Retargeting Tool: Artudata

The B2C businesses can boost their online business brand revenue growth through the usage of artificial intelligence in targeting potential customers that helps to make the huge conversions in real-time. The brands can retarget ad campaigns at potential customers that can improve business growth.

Retargeting Tool: Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is one of the trending tools for launching the display ad campaigns retargeting and Facebook ad campaigns retargeting. It offers plenty of retargeting features and a unique user-friendly dashboard. Moreover, the reporting tools offered by it will let the users find access to a different product.

Retargeting Tool: Sizmek

It can be used to upload multiple ad campaigns in bulk and it can be used to serve the ads with the number of reporting features. The number of brands is using this platform to retarget their potential customers.

Retargeting Tool: Retargeter

It can be used to find real-time and highly targeted digital advertising strategies. Also, it offers the user-friendly account management that all businesses are looking for. It can be the best platform that lets the marketers serve the display ads to the relevant audience.

Retargeting Tool: Fixel

It is an automated segmentation platform that can be used to rank the business website audience depending on the type of engagement it has. Moreover, how the audience is interacting with your website will provide and it highlights the visitors that are relevant to you by the implementation of the machine learning algorithm.

Retargeting Tool:

It is the Google premier and Facebook marketing partner that enables the businesses to display the Google and Facebook ad campaigns that can be the best weapon to retarget the existing customers and also can be used to generate new customers.

Retargeting Tool: Website Auditor

It is the only solution for the on-page SEO and the businesses can launch a deep analysis of the structure of the website and trace the issues of website crawling within minutes. Also, the right keyword spots can be delivered to you through which the website ranking can be improved.

Retargeting Tool: Facebook Retargeting

The launch of retargeting ad campaigns can be done by utilizing the feature of Facebook Ads Manager. By using this any business brand can launch the ad campaigns by targeting the relevant audience and influence them to visit your business website and make conversions.

Retargeting Tool: LinkedIn Retargeting

LinkedIn Audience Network enables the users to retarget their audience by serving the ad campaigns. The advertisers are required to give the LinkedIn Insight Tag to the business website that helps in engaging the audience. The usage of LinkedIn demographic segmentation can also play a vital role in targeting the audience.

Retargeting Tool: Google Remarketing

The Google ads are the only way to remarket the ad campaigns to the existing customers and it offers the different types of remarketing methods like standard remarketing, dynamic remarketing, search ads remarketing lists, customer list remarketing and video remarketing through which any business brand can find massive audience attention.

Retargeting Tool: Instagram Retargeting Ads

The Instagram retargeting ads enable the businesses in retargeting the ad campaigns when you are enabled the Facebook ad pixels. By using this the businesses can serve the ad campaigns from images, products, etc.

Retargeting Tool: Twitter’s Tailored Audiences

Twitter Tailored Audiences will allow the businesses to target the existing customers and followers by the creation and delivery of the right re-marketing ad campaigns that can let you upload the CRM lists through this you can reach the specific group of people you are looking.

Retargeting Tool: Meteora

Meteora is the user-friendly platform for the advertisers in reaching their target audiences and can let you find conversions by rolling the right search keywords, category of audience, and display to the specific geo-targeting locations. It offers the brand viewability and brand safety options to the advertisers through which they can decide where to display their ad campaigns.

Retargeting Tool: SiteScout

It is the top trending self-serving ad campaigns platforms where you can purchase the website banner ads and also on mobile by spending the most affordable budget. Moreover, within minutes the businesses can sign up and can access the low bidding technology in real-time.

Retargeting Tool: Exact Drive

With the help of Exact Drive, the companies can launch and optimize the online ad campaigns in finding the required results. We can determine the inventory selection, targeting, and placement, etc. to tailor the ad campaign.

Retargeting Tool: Netsparker

It is the end to end web app security platform that can be used to automate and measure the website security programs. Moreover, the advanced features like SDLC integration, asset discovery, extensive collaboration, and automatic verification over proof-based scanning.

Retargeting Tool: Kinsta

It provides the user manageable WordPress hosting and this allows the users to manage the number of website visitors at a time. Moreover, business interesting features like automatic website backup and website security monitoring.

Retargeting Tool: Sucuri

If you are intended in keeping the WordPress website secure especially from the hackers within an affordable budget then it is the best option that you can go ahead. The optimization of performance over CDN can also be done by using this platform.

Retargeting Tool: Chango

It is the programmatic advertising platform which is the purpose-built solution for the marketers. This platform implements the technologies and data in creating the right, on-time ad campaigns, and providing the customer insights that the businesses are looking for.

Retargeting Tool: Triggit

It is one of the best retargeting ad campaigns platforms that can be used to connect with the global audience by delivering the native advertising inventory when you are intended in the purchasing.

Retargeting Tool: Mailchimp

It can be the best platform for newbies in the marketing field. Because the Mailchimp offers the exciting features that attract the businesses and later they ask for the payment process. It has an excellent inbuilt option to design the most customized email ad campaign templates that can not be offered by the others.

Retargeting Tool: Finteza

By using this the businesses can find deep insights and analyze in real-time. It offers a user-friendly interface that can be used to gather information data. Moreover, businesses can create ad campaigns and analyze them at any level.

Retargeting Tool: Clickmeter

It is the affiliate and web-based link tracking tool that can be used by the medium to large businesses in creating the weblinks. Moreover, this helps to direct the landing page through which any business brands can find higher conversion rates and stopping the malicious website clicks.


Retargeting ad campaigns can let your existing customers or visitors visit your business website. The adoption of the best retargeting tools can help your business enhance the growth strategies that can be used to find the conversion rate.

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