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SaaS Marketing: 50 Unique Ideas to Improve SaaS Product Marketing

SaaS Marketing

SaaS product marketing is all about selling; that’s what every business thinks. They blindly believe the bundles of stories about the growth hackers who are being part of the transformation of SaaS start-ups into the multi bilinear business brand in the global market. It is true in some cases but not for all. Instead of depending on the outsources, get yourself in implementing the SaaS marketing strategies that improve the revenue.

Ideas to Improve SaaS Marketing

Experimental Content:

Use the significant techniques in the creation of a content marketing strategy that helps the audience find it as the benefited source.

Consistent Optimization of the Website:

Website optimization is an important aspect for the SaaS businesses in their marketing strategy, which is the window shop for SaaS business sales.

Viral Signup:

Launch the viral sign up forms rather than requesting for regular greasy contact information that works for the SaaS businesses to drive the product sales.

Offering Discounts:

Provide the product discounts to the audience on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. and let it to be shared where your brand name goes viral.

Press Release:

It is the old tradition, but it works well, which shows a huge impact on business growth where you need to reveal your business story.

Free user accounts to the Bloggers:

Offer free accessing accounts for bloggers as they can be the most influential source.

Building the Influencer list:

Find the top list of influencers in your industry and start collaboration through which you can find the real-time customers.

Emails for Influencer outreach:

Deliver the most personalized emails that can engage your influencers regarding your products.

Creating Video Content:

The only extremely predominant content for the success of any business is a video that is the most engaging source for social media platforms.

Client Testimonials:

When marketing the technology, the businesses need to target the customers by launching the testimonial videos of the existing customers. That can show a huge impact on the new audience to make conversions.

Integration of Live Events:

To go ahead with digital marketing, your SaaS products the face to face interactions plays a vital role in finding the brand value in the market.

Lead Generation:

Lead generation is the more focussed planning strategy to drive sales conversions.

Marketing Automation:

The usage of marketing automation tools helps in nurturing the leads, finding the contacts, and to be on top in the relevant industry competency.


The revenue growth of the enterprise technology companies can be improved by targeting existing customers with remarketing strategy.

Interactive Tools:

The immersion of interactive and advanced tools can help in finding the top emerging trends in the industry.

Product Tours:

The product tours work as the bridge between the overview videos and product demos.

Real-time Feedback:

The addition of real-time feedback works as the top tactic to make the tools most effective in the vision of customers.

Weekly Webinar:

The launch of the weekly webinars will be an excellent revenue generation factor, especially for SaaS product marketing.

No Competition on the price hike:

The price hike will not make you be on the top of the competitive edge, and in the same way, the least product price may damage your brand reputation.

Defining the competitive edge:

Make sure to add the extra brand value to your products by comparing with your competitors in the market.

Know about the target market:

A detailed analysis of the buyer’s persona is the most significant thing to run the most successful business.

Determine the funding sources:

Generating the sponsors for your business is the skyscraper technique in driving the success of the company.

Social Proof:

Now the social media is the only media to prove the validity of any business success around the millions of real-time audiences who can be the potential customers. Consider the reviews and comments of your existing customer over social media channels.

Google Stars/Ratings:

The best use of Google’s trusted seller ratings to gain the stars that give a good impression for the searchers on Google.

Social Proof on the Website:

Make use of advanced tools to advertise what’s happening in your business website.


Get the search action markup of the website by using the free SERP features of Google.

Live Chat, Chatbots:

The embedded live chat feature in your SaaS business website can generate huge product sales.

Effective Visitor Conversation:

Send the most personalized invitation messages to the website visitors to gain the engagement.

Finding Companies using competitors’ products:

Target your relevant audience by keeping bulls’ eye on the competitors.

Attending the Conference:

Get the ticket to the business conference and do your business to gain the attention of participants.

Incentives to the branded widgets:

Offer the affiliate commissions to the potential leads coming through the website links.

Lifetime Deal:

Launch the customer crazy lifetime deal through heavy promotions on social media platforms.


Quora is the question and answer based social media platform where you can find a real-time audience with real-time questions. Just answer them that adds value to your profile.


You can build a community of real-time members that are relevant to your business.


Host the interviews by reaching the top heads in the relevant industry.


The launch of blogs with the delivery of an effective content marketing strategy can help you find the audience engagement.

Support Portal:

To gain customer retention towards your business products, try to build the customer support portal.

Online Community Building:

Build online communities over Facebook and Google, where you can engage the audience by providing real-time solutions.

Podcast Guest, Podcasting:

Become the guest on podcasts to define what your business brand is about and how it can be beneficial to the customers.

Google Alerts and Social Media Mentions:

Monitor the online engagement of the audience; one should need to connect with Google Alerts and mention. That lets you find what internet users are talking about you.

Commenting on Popular Blog posts:

Give your online presence by giving the professional comments on other’s blog posts.

SlideShare Presentations:

The LinkedIn owned SlideShare is the most engaging platform where one should create the content in the form of slides.

SaaS Marketing

Recording and uploading the blogposts to SoundCloud:

The voice format of your blog content also helps to find better business growth.

YouTubers for reviewing the product:

Collaborate with the most influential YouTubers to let them review your business products on YouTube.

Adding SaaS to Google Chrome:

It is one of the to-do lists for any SaaS product marketing strategy that makes to add value to your products in the Google Chrome Store.

Affiliate Marketing:

Offer the best commission for the referred sales through the strategy of the affiliate marketing program.

Deletion of navigation menu from the landing page:

Don’t let your visitors get annoyed by navigating them to other websites from the website menu.

Localization of website:

The customers intended to find the products or services information in their language.

Try before you buy videos:

Create the try before you buy videos that help the customers to know everything about your products before buying.

Bio-Link Social Media platforms:

Add your business website link on all trending social media channels where it directs you followers or fans to your business website.

Final Thoughts

Instead of testing the multiple methods to know what works, it is better to execute the SaaS product marketing strategies that have driven the results through practical experience.

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