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SEO Migration Consulting

For any company, going digital is the norm these days, as the latter caters to a vast customer base than it does in real-time marketing. The key ingredient in internet advertising is making your content SEO (Search Engine Optimization) favored. The more SEO-friendly your content is, the greater is the probability of exposure to online visitors.

Here’s the Best Take on SEO Migration Consulting!

This increased exposure creates revenue returns in the long run. The digital world is the widely preferred medium these days for business purposes. However, only building an SEO-friendly website isn’t a complete process. At times, we need to shift the pages of the website that’s on occurring.

Shifting normally is a phenomenal process as with changing customer requirements, the search engines sought strategic inputs in terms of keywords, designing, etc. The background processes involve changes in coding, technicalities with HTML5, and so on.

The nuances are vital elements, which can change the overall look of any website making paradigm shifts and launches. Here are a few key areas, where changes happen majorly during a website shift,

  • IP address or the Host’s address
  • Domain Name or URL structure
  • Designing of the website and content

When all the above elements are dutifully taken care of, then migration of massive shifts becomes easier. The movement from one portal to another becomes ‘gliding’ rather than being a ‘rocky affair’ with too many hiccups.

SEO Migration Specialist

If you are a beginner, yet very conscious about your business concerns then it’s advisable to not take the initiative of burning the gas yourself.

Reach out for experts like us, who would willingly relieve you of the overbearing duty of migrating websites, conforming to the changing rules of Search Engine Optimization.

Our services are defined by experts contributing to each domain and we share hands even during post-project completion.

SEO Migration Consulting Service

Introducing ourselves as the best in the arena, we would like to share our in-depth knowledge about SEO migration in small measured steps below! We provide expert SEO Migration Consulting Service; you can avail of our services to take your business to new heights. Not to mention here that employing these measures can create catastrophic changes in terms of profitability in your business,

  • Before practically making the shift, the present website has to be studied thoroughly. Its footing has to be measured and how big a change it can support has to be assessed.
  • There are a few parameters that we take into consideration here. Those are analyzing the keyword visibility, global exposure, technical and non-technical aspects of the website, and so on.
  • In keyword research, we actually study the past, present, and futures patterns, so that we don’t lose out on the present foundation required by the search engines and also are able to build upon that predicting future picks.
  • These picky keywords help establish the new website substituting the old one.
  • Throughout the process of building a new score over the last one, our developers don’t rest a bit.
  • The entire process is laid transparent to you, as a business owner and the mutual company lasts from development till launch and even after that.
  • Post the functional aspects, we take on tests to cross-check our self-efforts in order to ensure the workability of the new construction over the old one. This is necessary for an end to end smooth migration of the newly built.
  • The new website also requires frequent checking on its functioning for the first 4-6 weeks and thereafter a longer period of monitoring can be used. All this is done by us so that no subsequent issues bother you in future transitions too.

SEO Consultation for Website Migration

When an established brand is already operating online and is viable, then a migration or a shift becomes quite difficult. The latter involves risk but surprisingly, we have delivered high end, unique solutions for such changes and have fruitfully seen them functioning at best.

HTTPs upgrades, CMS changes and rebrands, global and multi-domain consolidations are some spheres, where we have worked efficiently and have served our clients with ultimate satisfaction.

We don’t scourge a change but work alongside the present processes already running in the company and other involved parties.

We provide exemplary SEO consultation for website migration. Our endeavor starts from the very initiation of your company’s website and we formulate and position the changes required on the website for future demands. Certain areas where we perform are,

  • Researching out the scope and RFP for potential developers.
  • Working in tandem with the processes already ascertained by the developer and customizing changes accordingly. We fit into your frame rather than destabilizing your present positioning.
  • We develop maturity in content so as to conform to the imminent changes. Your present professionals will feel at ease to work with us as we are accommodative yet target driven.
  • Losing value isn’t appreciable, so we ensure that the base elements are kept secure of any website and then the new changes are incorporated.
  • Post work as well as during the process, our continuous testing formalities ensure a problem-free, smooth running of the shifted new launch and we are particularly mindful of CMS and server restrictions.
  • Our strict and periodic audits are a measure of excellence in our deliverables and there is absolutely no compromise in the quality or stringency of the tests performed.
  • Sudden insurgencies or daunting pressure never deter us from achieving our target. We value your money and solemnly deliver towards tight deadlines and demanding stakeholders.
  • You as a stakeholder will never be disappointed by us in terms of functional, target-oriented delivery.

SEO Website Migration Help & Support

In the course of migration from a base website to a new one, the process involves risks like loss of organic traffic, a significant drop in keyword positioning, and entire website de-indexing in Google.

These major losses can count a huge down score for a business owner. We, as SEO consultants, extend our hands here as well.

We maintain the value and integrity of your business meaning through profound insight and feedback, which altogether reduces and culminates the loss-making mechanisms. Associate with us today for SEO Website Migration Help & Support.


Maintaining the marketability of your website is a crucial step towards gaining profits. Every day isn’t the same. Changes are inevitable so is the migration of websites. For strengthening your website ride, you must go hand-in-hand with us for value addition and greater height scaling in the long run.

Do you need Marketing Ideas and Consulting? Want to work with us? Have questions? Please contact us.

Please email us at [email protected] or call us at +919848321284

How do you migrate a website?

Backup your website and then move files from one server to another server. Now change the DNS to new servers.

What is a domain migration?

The domain migration is the process of shifting or migration of data between the domains with no loss or impairment of data security.

How do I change my domain without losing SEO?

Clean the destination domain, review the existing backlinks then search the performance. Now migrate the website and make sure to add redirects from the old domain to the new domain.

How long does website migration take?

It is the length of the time that it needs to move the website and allied mailboxes based on the amount of data that is being transferred.

What is step migration?

Step migration is the process that follows the path of a series of stages and steps to the final destination.

How do I find the website URL?

The website URL can be found in the address bar of the web browser. The alternative way is finding the URL by right-clicking on the link and copying the link.

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