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Social Media Marketing Consulting

Social media plays a significant role in marketing today online. There are various social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, etc. which were not only social platforms but also created a way for the marketers and built a space for marketers for their marketing and advertising on respective platforms. Now, platforms are competing for one another in designing the features, especially for the marketers.

If you are an online social and marketing trend follower, then you may know about the various types of ad formats and features that are announced by the different social platforms by targeting the marketers and advertisers online. Ecommerce companies to the individual small start-ups are utilizing the social media platforms for their marketing.

But, there is a vast difference between the professional social media marketing and non-professionals because there are different technical elements which are connected with the ad formats and targeting. So, one must need the right service provider. is the best place to hire social media marketing services.

At, we provide the best approach to your product marketing with our strategic plan, which is result-oriented and can help you to reach your target in sales. We engage you with your audience and expands your presence across the social platforms, which can, in turn, increases your presence across the web.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

  • We recognize your target market and plan a strategy
  • We develop your relationship with the audience and with your consumers
  • We manage your social accounts
  • We build perfect marketing tactics and implement uniquely to obtain good results
  • We promote your brand or services
  • We support you at every moment in the social media managing
  • Social media campaigns
  • Social media promotional posts
  • Content management on social media
  • Social video utilization, and much more.

Social Media Ecosystem

The Digital Marketing World Ecosystem called creating engagement between brands and customers.

Social Media Marketing provides you with generating meaningfully and collaboration with your audiences.

Today’s Internet is completely flooded with Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter, which has created a huge space for marketing your brands with true engagement.

will generate buzz and engagement through different social media channels. To determine a connected Social Media Strategy for your brand or business, we analyze, create a strategy, and plan and publish content in a structured way to generate engagement and reach.

There is a wide variety of ecosystem on Social Media :

  • Facebook Engagement and Reach Marketing
  • Twitter Engagement and Reach Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Instagram Influencer Marketing

Dotndot provides and creates the best value-added innovative content and interactions. Today most people refer to business websites through the internet and then select the best brand. So, Dotndot works very professionally to create brands to emerge in the Social Media eCosystem.

Social Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing is the present buzz across the web in digital marketing. The influencer marketing was efficiently attracting the audience towards the marketers. People are following the social media platforms in their busy schedules, and they have become their part of their life. In general, a marketer must reach the place where his customer spends, and it is the general rule of business. Today marketers are approaching the same rule or principle in a different way of approach and calling it as influencer marketing.

The influencers are also going forward to fill up their pockets by taking advantage of the influencer marketing campaigns by several companies. People are following top vloggers and bloggers and are following their suggestions and tips on various things. This made the marketers confident towards the influencer campaigns. The first thing that a marketer must remember when stepping influencer marketing strategy is to research, select and implement.

It is very important to select the right influencer for your marketing campaign. For example, if your products are related to the lifestyle, you must go with the right blogger or vlogger belonging to a similar category, or if you go with the beauty vlogger, then it is of no use to go with. So, the strategy must start with the right selection. Also, don’t just select by category, research on the efficiency of the influencer, or go with the right influencer marketers on the web that are providing the best influencer marketing services.

Social Media Consultant

Not too long ago, Facebook dawned the title of being the single most used and explored choice of tool for entrepreneurs. Facebook was not merely a tool to connect with lost friends or school mates.

It went from being that too much more. It became the hub of advertising for individual artists, designers, musicians, people in business, e-commerce websites, etc. Within a few years of its inclusion in the online space, this social media giant became the highest used medium for people to pass the time on. But is that all? Does the common man now know how to utilize this medium to his benefit?

Can he also end up making money? Does that sound too commercial for a tool whose sole purpose was to connect people to people? Facebook has earned the right to allow people to make it their livelihood. But how may you ask?

With the rise of Facebook, other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have grown in leaps and bounds all in the name of making the common man have a tangible online presence. But after all, for a common man to think of being a star on social media, he needs to be guided in the right direction with the right strategies and techniques. Now that need has raised the opportunity for many tech-friendly people to dawn as a career path, and hence the term “Social Media Consultant” has arrived. It is here to stay. With the growing influence of social media on enterprises and individuals alike, it is hard to know the success mantra without facing a few pitfalls initially. But the consultant can help you avoid the pitfalls. By implementing proven methods of social media success, you can be well on your way to becoming a social media celebrity and all for a reasonable price offering. Meet with our social media experts to know the right fit for your social media status.

Social Media Analytics Consultant

Social media is the key to every digital marketer to reach its target. Social platforms were providing the best place for marketers to reach their targeted audience for their marketing needs. Yes, there are some millions of people connecting to the internet via social media platforms, which become the critical point for marketers to advertise beyond the barriers using social media. Even the social media platforms are also allowing the advertisers to meet their consumers online by providing them with a better marketing place with various features online.

Many marketers had already got succeeded with social media marketing plans on multiple platforms. But, some of them got failed to reach their target because of a lack of knowledge on strategy implementation and efficient use of tools that are provided by the various marketing platforms. When it comes to Social media analytics, the analytical data is very much useful to the marketers to estimate their marketing potential and standards among the other marketers online. It helps in improving and developing their sales. To obtain better social media analytics for your online business, you must need an expert social media Analytics consultant.

My Social media Analytics Consultant services

Social media analytics consultants will analyze the various campaigns, marketing, and advertising practices of the company to obtain the overall report on the engagement, interaction, and reach of the company towards an audience. This analytical data helps the marketers to build a robust strategy that can get success. Here are some services that are provided by me.

  • Analysis and reporting
  • Optimization of content
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Efficient governance of the data
  • Analysis of the present market time to time
  • Customer interaction levels
  • Big data analytics
  • Monetization of data
  • System optimization and analytics
  • Data management and cloud analytics and many more…

Do you need Marketing Ideas and Consulting? Want to work with us? Have questions? Please contact us.

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