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50 Amazing Social Media Statistics That Matter To Marketers

50 Amazing Social Media Statistics That Matter To Marketers

Some critical challenges remind us every one around the world has fair and equal use of digital connectivity. The latest trends suggest that over 60% of the World population consuming the Internet, and more than half of them using Social Media in their day to day activity. Here we have listed Social Media Statistics that every marketer should know.

There is no doubt that Social Media has created a revolutionized change in our lives. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat created a path, close relationship between brands and customers.

Social Media Statistics That Matter

  1. Around 4.54 billion internet users, 3.725 billion are social media users.
  2. The people have almost 7.6 social media accounts on an average.
  3. The user daily spent time on social media is 142 minutes on average.
  4. Almost 91% of retail businesses are using social media platforms.
  5. In the last month, 97% of digital consumers used social media.
  6. India finds a 48% increase in the use of social media year over year.
  7. 90% of Americans aged 18 to 29 are using social media.
  8. 81% of teens stated that social media shows a positive effect.
  9. 38% of businesses are planning to spend 20% of more advertising budget on social media platforms.
  10. In the last year, $90 billion was spent on social media advertising.
  11. Google drives 100 billion searches each month.
  12. Google answered 450 billion queries from 2013 to 2020.
  13. 74% of Facebook users log in every day.
  14. More than 60 million active business-related pages on Facebook.
  15. On an average Twitter user account have 707 followers.
  16. Around 391 Twitter accounts have no followers.
  17. 50% of tweets come from Twitter’s top 5 markets.
  18. For each minute, 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube.
  19. The Instagram user spends 15 minutes on the Instagram app on an average.
  20. 40+ billion photos uploaded on Instagram so far.
  21. Each Instagram accounts for 4.2 billion likes.
  22. More than 200 million active users on Pinterest each month.
  23. Above 1 million LinkedIn members published content on it.
  24. 27% of United States adults use the LinkedIn platform.
  25. On average, the user spends 25 minutes on Snapchat.
  26. North Africa’s highest consumption of Social Media with 55% by 2020.
  27. 90% of the American aged between 18-29 use social media.
  28. People spend at least 2 hours, 45 minutes on social media pages every day.
  29. Over42% of the World population uses social media.
  30. 54% of the browsers use social media to research about the products.
  31. Overall, 4.5 billion people use the internet among 3.8 billion use social media by 2020.
  32. 84% of internet users use social media.
  33. WhatsApp and Facebook Messengers handle 60 billion messages in a day.
  34. Over 69% of the US adults connect to at least one social media network in a day.
  35. Daily, 74% of US citizens use Facebook.
  36. More than 60% of Instagram users are active every day.
  37. Over $89 marketers spent on social media this year.
  38. 91% of Social media users login accounts through mobile devices.
  39. Over 1.4billion businesses use Facebook groups for brand promotion.
  40. 91% of brands use more than two social media platforms.
  41. 57% of the Video content is shared through Instagram, similarly 81% on Facebook and 62% on YouTube platforms.
  42. The most popular messenger on Social media is WhatsApp, with 1.6 billion active users.
  43. 81% of the small and medium scale businesses use some social media platforms.
  44. Marketers reveal that 58% of the brands measuring the effectiveness of your business is a challenging task.
  45. 34% of the Brands measure their Social ROI of the company.
  46. Over 91% of marketers give preference to social media posts.
  47. 40% of the online consumer’s research on social media about the products.
  48. 37% of consumers impress and make purchase decisions through social media.
  49. Over 17% of consumers prefer to watch product videos through social media.
  50. 84.9% is the social video ad growth notifies on Facebook.


Social media is the treasure for the present businesses as it is the only source for a million $ business sale. Simply uploading messy content on social media never finds the audience’s attention. Presenting in a unique way of style might reach the wider audience cum customers to find better sales.

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