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Supermetrics Review: Pricing & Software Features 2022

Supermetrics Review: Pricing & Software Features 2022

Supermetrics is a business intelligence software for business analysis designed to help companies to access Google Analytics data. Supermetrics is now one of the most popular business reporting platform which can use many analytics engine and tool.

It supports different devices, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. The languages supported are the USA, UK, Canada, and other international words. It can use by different types of customers like small businesses, large enterprises, and medium businesses.

It is an add-on business reporting system for web analytics, online marketing of social media. The data sources supported by Supermetrics are Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Bing Ads, AdWords, Google Webmaster Tools, etc.

Did you know?

It is the integration tool to access the Google Analytics, Bing ads, Twitter ads, Adwords and Facebook ads, etc.

Supermetrics Features

Supermetrics offers different tools for automating the reports. The Essential features of Supermetrics analysis tool are –

Data analytics:

Supermetrics data analytics encoder lets you allow to set up daily uploads automatically from Facebook and Bing Ads using few clicks. It also provides for upload a few years back historical data.


Adwords data allows seeing the imported data from Google analytics. You can use this uploader add-on to get data from Google Analytics; manual data getting is long process takes a long time.

Report scheduling and automation:

It gathers all information from the Google Analytics metrics, and you can use filters, segments for storing and reporting the data reports.

Data Visualization and presentation:

It is used to display the graphical representation of the data that ultimately contains the visual presentation of the analytics at the marketer to make advanced and enhanced strategies.

Data mining:

This tool helps to collect the most useful information from the raw data, which is being as the dead. That helps in reaching the targeted audiences by delivering the marketing campaigns. Moreover, that exactly preferred by the customers, which in turn generates unexpected marketing sales.

Search engine marketing (SEM):

It helps to drive the massive traffic from the continuous engagement of the audiences, primarily through a search engine. That leads to having a higher organic rank in search engines.

Business intelligence:

It involves to analyze the data of the particular business. It integrates the strategic information by considering the current, previous, and current functions of the business performance that helps in the development of the business brand.

Did you know?

Supermetris has 150,000+ users that are completely satisfied with it’s services.

Supermetrics Products

Let us now see different products offered by Supermetrics.

Supermetrics Data Grabber:

Supermetrics Data Grabber was formerly known as GA Data Grabber. Supermetrics Data Grabber is an excel report automation tools for Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other. Users can automate their reports and save hours.

Supermetrics for Google Docs:

Supermetrics for Google Docs supports both Google Docs and Google Sheets. Supermetrics for Google Docs is another business reporting system for online marketing, web analytics and also social media. Users can run queries, share reports and dashboards and so on.

Supermetrics Functions:

Supermetrics Functions also supports Google Sheets or Windows Excel 2003 above. The most flexible way to get business metrics into Google spreadsheets excel using these Functions and Skilled excel users can use this to have complete control over displaying the data.

Supermetrics uploader:

This uploader is a Software as a Service, SaaS web application. Cost data can import into Google Analytics from different sources. It is also possible to schedule automatic daily upload from Bing Ads. CSV files can upload from various data sources. ROI and Google Analytics and advertising costs can see in them.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio:

Google Data Studio is best for cross-platform reporting and unites all data platforms data into data studio. It can combine the payment platforms, PPC, SEO, analytics, and email marketing platforms. It provides ready-made temples build by top professionals that make it easy to customize with your brand logos.

Supermetrics pricing plans

The price rates of it vary from module to module and editions. For enterprise pricing information and to get the details of the product offered, one must contact it.

  • Supermetrics for Google Drive Pro comes with a price tag of $49 per month
  • Supermetrics for Google Drive Super Pro priced $99 per month
  • $29 per month is the price to access Supermetrics Data Grabber Modules
  • Uploader modules of it start from $29 per month
  • Functions of it can obtain by paying $11.99 per month

Did you know?

Copying, pasting, and importing of CSV files automatically possible through Supermetrics.

Supermetrics for Google Docs/Sheets

Supermetrics for Google docs or sheets are free and are easy to use. There is also a paid version that allows exporting directly to Excel.
To set up Supermetrics for Google Sheets, visit the Google Web Store.

    • You can see the Supermetrics there under Google Sheets.
    • Click on the Free button.
    • Launch it and start exploring the data.
    • It is an add-on for Google Sheets.
    • Marketing campaigns can be reported, monitored, and also analyzed in Google Sheets very quickly. All the online metrics can place in one place.

  • The integration of it with Facebook, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, and another platform is possible that the marketers use.
  • We can save a lot of time as there is no need to do manual copy/pasting of CSV files. In the same way, by using it, the customization of reports takes place as per the requirements of the user.
  • Reports get any metrics and can combine them with any other dimensions simultaneously.

How to use Supermetrics with Google Analytics?

The automation of reporting changed many things. Here are a few tips that help in using Supermetrics more efficiently with Google Analytics.

It is possible to fill in the advanced setting for each query when using it. For example, for questions that you do not want to return data immediately, you can add ‘RETURNNODATA_RESULT’ to avoid the return of errors.

To leverage it more effectively for Google Analytics, external input fields added, or the Supermetrics Queries sheet can be modified easily.
Similarly, we can save a lot of time to run queries by using it. If you want to run them faster, these Triggers are very handy. It helps in serving the audience on time.

Updating queries manually is time-consuming. If there are more queries and more advanced settings, the time consumed is more. It is advised to automate all the recurring tasks whenever possible to save time.

It allows setting up triggers to update the report. However, Supermetrics for Google Sheets paid version is required to set up triggers on queries.

Supermetrics for Google Drive allows automating the reporting process in Google Docs. Moreover, we can import metrics from Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Bing Ads, Google Webmaster tools, etc. Also, the transformation of all the data into documents or spreadsheets is possible.

A click of the button used to refresh the data. It is also possible to set the automatic data updation every day. The interface is user-friendly, and the data can be accessed very fast.

The needs and requirements of each organization are different.

Did you know?

The digital marketing metrics can be easily analyzed in Google sheet by using this add-on.

  • When choosing a business intelligence software, one must determine what they want from it.
  • When choosing it, read the reviews of experts and also other customers and go through the information of tools that offered.

These reported the 151% increased year by year, and in 2016, annual revenue increased to 1.6 million Euros and 63% of net profit margin.

These are spending $10 billion annually for online advertising, and 120% increase it by releasing the Google Data Studio Product.

It has spread all over 110 countries and currently with 150,000 active users.

Try the free trials for a few days. Choose the platform that improves the competence and productivity of the firm.


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