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Telegram Marketing : The Ultimate Guide

Telegram Marketing : The Ultimate Guide

Telegram is a fierce competitor to Whatsapp by its new features. There is no doubt at all Whatsapp is number one among all messaging apps. Moreover, IMO is the second most popular messaging app — a third position held by Telegram with 100 million download count — Telegram Marketing trends in the digital marketing industry.

However, Telegram is a great secure messaging platform. Also, people use it as a secondary messaging app, but telegram gave priority when it comes to features. Telegram app materializes with a massive set of features and also allows secure communication as compared to Whatsapp. Here is everything about Telegram Marketing that every business should know.

What is Telegram?

Therefore, Telegram is one of the most popular cloud-based messaging apps that enables instant messaging and afford next level communication. Telegram app loaded with tons of features and more than 100 million monthly active users by its user-friendly interface.

The most noteworthy thing is that telegram can send any files, Emails, and text messaging. Probably, the Telegram app is portable can work on any device, secure transfer of files free of cost.

Consequently, this cross-platform messenger combines features of Snapchat and Whatsapp. They are specially designed for Small business types for telegram Marketing.

Special Features of Telegram

Cloud-Based Messenger:

Cloud-Based platform access messages from any device from any location. As a result, accessibility is the key feature in the Telegram app no matter where they Originated. Once if you drafted messages in any devices like the phone/ tab, you could continue sending it from the desktop as well.

Self – destruct:

Self-destruct feature helps small businesses to send critical and time-sensitive messages. Similarly, any individual and groups can send messages after that it automatically erases your messages securely after a set timeout.

Strong Security:

Telegram support double-layered server-client encryption used in cloud chats. An additional client-client layer used in secret conversations. Telegram app offers $300,000 if anyone enables them to hack their system. It’s more confident about security.

Different Platform:

Telegram suitable for any device like Laptop, mobiles, smart devices with their native app. Mobile version of the telegram for iPhones, Android mobiles, and tabs. For desktops, it supports Linux, Ubuntu, Windows,macOS, etc.

Secret Chats:

Secret chat enables end to end encryption offers highly secure messaging. It is a two-click process. The messages appear for you and the intended recipient, and If once the message is deleted, it deletes another side automatically.


Telegram Group’s features are profitable to small business owners. Groups and Supergroups category allows 200 to 5000 members. Groups have the power to collaborate and share the data and access the history also. Each member can share trending news, announcements.

How To Create Telegram Channel

Telegram is more than a messenger. Telegram offers secrete end to end encrypted chats, enables you to transfer any files, photos videos, share locations from any device. The telegram app is entirely free to use for business purposes also.

To create an account on telegram, follow the steps.

Install the Telegram app from Google play store or App store. The app logo looks like a paper airplane and installs it on any device.

After that, it will direct you to enter the mobile number on the screen. After entering the phone number, it will automatically send you a verification code to verify your mobile number. Enter the four-digit pin to continue.

Telegram allows users to create their original profiles by entering the name, profile picture, bio, etc. Click on “Continue” for the next step.

Similar to Facebook, Whatsapp will direct you to find and add friends who have already logged In to Telegram.

Now you have successfully created the Telegram Account.

You can start chatting with your friends. You can now use the unique feature of Secret chat, share your current location, images, videos, documents, etc.

You can also start using self-destruct messaging. That means you can securely erase your messages after the timeout.

Telegram Marketing For Business Promotions

Messengers are gaining attention all over the world. Telegram messenger is pretty new to social media, but it’s growing reports is incomparable to other messaging apps. Telegram offers outstanding benefits to businesses for their campaigns.

Business to Customer :

Dealing with customers leads to individual experience and self-satisfaction. A business person can deal with customers sharing their requested orders, order status, delivery details, and finally, get feedback from the customers. These all can happen only with the Telegram app. telegram does business to customer and prominent, secure communication. Telegram Marketing is all about building the best strategy to find the growth of the business.

Business to Business:

Telegram promotes your business secure way of messaging, sending emails, and documents. Businesspersons can communicate with their vendors and business partners with its compelling new features, “secret chats” and Self-destruct messaging.

Telegram Bots:

Telegram bots enable you to systematize the core process and offer robots to handle a variety of tasks. It provides multiple opportunities to promote the business to automate and deals with various technical functions. Telegram Bots deals with various functions like sending commands to the internet, searching on the internet, remainders, and integrated services.

Telegram Money Transfer:

Telegram money transfer was started in other countries like Russia and Brazil. Its high-level security and reliable storage of date make telegram a good app for money transfer. Online stores and business conversions can make use of this telegram money transfer option.

Unique Features:

Create a new custom sticker pack for your clients. Send custom stickers to your favorite clients to entertain.

Create a professional-looking bio if you are using it for business.

Build your tools to create new apps.

Capable of sharing high storage files to your Partners and vendors.

Grate alternative replaces to blogs.

Telegram Marketing Tools

Telegram Auto:

Telegram Auto is one of the best telegram marketing tool, helps to export members from the other competitor’s groups and add to your groups. Send bulk SMS to other Telegram groups.

Telegram Royal:

The best tool for telegram advertising. No need for installation and technical knowledge. A user-friendly interface quickly adds members to the channel with hundreds of unique features.

Telegram Statistics for 2020

  1. Telegram has more than 400 million monthly active users globally.
  2. By 2022 Telegram is targeting more than 1 billion active users.
  3. More than 1.4% of United States mobile users are using Telegram.
  4. Nikolai and Pavel Durov launched the telegram in 2013.
  5. There are more than 500 million mobile app downloads of Telegram.
  6. Telegram is 100% ads free and open-source software.
  7. Hindi HD Movies is the most subscribed category of Telegram, with more than 3.2 million subscribers.
  8. More than 1.6 million is the rate of post reach of the Telegram news channel.
  9. The Gram cryptocurrency of Telegram raised more than $1.7 billion.
  10. For the second ICO round, Gram is priced at $1.33.


Telegram Messenger app flourished, offering secret policy, no ads, cloud-based technology, compelling features, and it’s completely free. Telegram began. It’s a new chapter with Telegram marketing. Explore the unique feature of the Telegram app cherishes your business promotions with Telegram marketing.

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