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How Brands can use TikTok for Digital Marketing?


Now millions of people are enjoying with TikTok by creating fun creating short videos. Along with the business brand promotion, most of the ordinary people from youngsters, homemakers, and even older people are becoming celebrities through TikTok short videos.

Everyone is thinking of making the fresh and creative, quick video content on it. Moreover, these videos are becoming viral on giant social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can lip-sync and recreate dance routines for a song or shows of actors. Most of the audiences are addicting to watch or create TikTok videos.

By considering that most of the business brands are launching their brand promotion on it. They are sharing their brand videos either on their own or reaching the influencers to place their product.

This is the only platform where any business can find a real-time engaging audience, especially in the promotion of their products or services. If you see the other social media channels, the audience used to be online at a specific time.

It is a tough task for businesses to find the online audience and serve their ad immediately. It is the best solution to eradicate that problem.

Do you know that TikTok is not just an entertaining channel but also a powerful branding platform for business brands?

Why is TikTok so popular?

The mission of it is to seize the entire world by capturing and presenting its creative and knowledgeable moments through a short form of video content.

The direct creation of videos through mobile is the most significant aspect. The tactic of enabling everyone to be a creator has given viral vibrations of success. This encourages users to uplift their hidden talent through the creation of ultimate content as a passion.

Is it compulsory for brands to use TikTok?

We already discussed how popular the TikTok is. The top social media apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, etc. are facing high competition from it. But all apps are having a unique feature of their own that lead them to gain world reputation.

While comparing with the above apps, it is entirely different. The user base is the essential thing on TikTok as it enables them to gain views from the entire world.

Most importantly, many million similar apps are available in the market, but only it has an unbeatable reputation that no one can reach.

It’s all due to its algorithm. When the TikTok user uploads the video, and it gains specific views, comments, and likes, then it will be served to the other users. Moreover, depending on the content, upload helps to increase the audience’s attention.

The library has many shareable and funny TikTok songs and emojis. Also, the live option is available on it. If any brands or influencers want to disclose their products to live and to provide customer solutions, then they can use live.

All these features can help the brands to reach the real-time, engaging the audience to elevate their products or services.

What makes this app ideal for brands?

Gender and Age:

80% of it users are under 30, and that 66% are female. These two are critical factors for any business to get rapid success. Moreover, it focuses more on promoting creative content creators.

Key opinion leaders:

The brands can establish a long-term relationship with the users on it. It boosts the ordinary young people to become the great influencers.

Location and luxury:

Most of the teens who are stepping to set up their careers are fulfilling their dreams by becoming influencers on it. More than 33 languages, this app is available. The location-based brand advertising can quickly impact the audience that makes the conversion.

Adverting formats on TikTok

Hashtag Challenge:

The brands can make use of promoted hashtags to launch viral ads on it. In this type of advertising, the hashtag challenge contains the link which directs the audience to the main page of the trial. Here they provide complete details and instructions of the hashtag challenge.

The video interactions, banner views, user-generated content, and clicks can help the businesses to measure the performance of it.

Infeed Native Video Content:

The video length of it is 9 to 15 seconds. It supports the full-screen display of video along with a skippable option. It provides multiple features like app downloads and website clicks.

By analyzing the clicks, CTR, video views, shares, comments, play duration, and impressions, the brands can estimate the performance of their ad campaign.

Brand Lenses:

The brand lenses are the most significant feature that TikTok is planning to engage the audience more. Soon it infuses this feature of Snapchat 2D and 3D glasses to faces and photos.

Brand Takeovers:

Here the Gifs, videos, and images take place. The connection of embed links to the hashtag challenges and website landing pages within the platform is available. However, the brand takeover is limited to one business brand each day. It offers unique reach, clicks, and impressions.

How can brands leverage TikTok?

TikTok is not meant for advertising. Later on, the rapid growth and popularity of it have influenced the brands to take off the promotion of their products or services on it. Most of the brands are working to implement new and unique advertising strategies on TikTok.

We can see that many brands are using trending concepts like contests and hashtags challenges to engage the audience with their brand-related content. The brands are using the hashtags on other social media channels, especially, to make the promotion of TikTok ad campaigns.

For example, if you take the hashtag campaign, #InMyDenim of Guess brand has gone viral. They invited users for #InMyDenim hashtag challenge where they make the audience to create the denim wearing video content along with the hashtag #InMyDenim.

Another most significant promotion factors that brands use is that they are collaborating with the TikTok celebrities to launch their brand promotion. , we can say that it is influencer marketing on TikTok.

TikTok effective marketing strategies

Creative and useful content:

The creation of video content that adds value to the viewers is the most significant entity to hold the audience’s attention. The boring regular videos will ruin the brand reputation.

You should provide the entertainment along with the ads you pass. Get the story concepts of your products, especially from those who are already using yours.

Personal research:

Get the relevant information on how your niche can gain success by doing real-time research. Create the video content that damn inevitably strikes at the audience. It may be hard and time taking to do research, but later, you can obtain the unbeatable results of success.

Be consistent:

The regular updating of videos on TikTok is the essential thing. Consistency is not just posting the videos on TikTok, and the flexibility here is uploading the high-quality videos that drive more engagement.

Improve the follower’s engagement:

Drive the follower’s engagement by implementing simple tactics like posting a question, sharing business news, posting when fans online, crowdsource feedback, asking fans to make a choice, responding to everyone, celebrating holidays or events, launching quiz and hosting contests, etc.

Partnering with others:

The collaboration with the trending users on TikTok helps you to uplift your brand in a short period.

TikTok Statistics

  • TikTok is the most downloaded app in Q1 2018, especially on the Apple App Store.
  • It is available in 154 countries, as stated by Apptrace.
  • In both the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store, TikTok is the 6th most downloaded social media app in the world in Q1 2018.
  • It is the most attractive and trending app for youngsters in India. It has 20+ million active users in India.
  • The TikTok app hits the 500 million active global monthly users in mid-2018.
  • TikTok has set up its unmarkable international stage by feeding the audience in 75 languages.
  • German-born twins ‘ @lisaandlena’s s account is most successful on TikTok, with 25.2 million fans.
  • The video with hashtag #ThinBlueLine has achieved 37+ million views.
  • It is ranked 10th in the France video players.
  • 3.81 million US TikTok downloads have recorded.


TikTok has created history in social media by getting a massive reputation in less period. Influencer marketing is the most seeking platform on TikTok for trending brands. Till now, TikTok has not started any advertising streams instead of that influencer marketing is playing a vital role. Make your brand reach the real-time customers go on posting your brand videos on it or collaborate with TikTok influencers.

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