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Account-Based Marketing Tools : Top Account-Based Marketing Platforms for 2022

Account-Based Marketing Tools : Top Account-Based Marketing Platforms For 2022

As business professionals, we all love a game-changing idea, especially in the digital marketing industry. Almost all marketers are leaning towards the marketing strategies that can only be used to hype the business but not sales. Whereas the B2B account-based marketing is excluded from them though it is one of the strategic approaches to the companies to target the business accounts. But to gain the tip of success, one should need to focus on finding the top account-based marketing tools and strategies that work for sure.

Account-Based Marketing Tools

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Owler

Owler is the business intelligence software that helps companies of any size in getting the actionable and most reliable business insights on a regular basis. With the collaboration of Owler, the business brands can find the above 15 million companies’ profiles. Moreover, this can be used to research accounts, personalized business outreach, and finding new prospects.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: ZoomInfo

It is the most trending business intelligence software that offers accurate B2B contact. It is merely a business growth acceleration tool that helps in finding and connecting with the business decision-makers easily in any industry and can easily engage the particular accounts.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Groove

The sales teams of any business can make effective use of Groove to boost revenue growth by launching the most effective business processes to review, close, and identify the business accounts. With the help of Groove, any business can find the analytics and data-driven insights that can be used to enhance the significant aspects like ad campaign automation, calendar integration, emails, and sales production, etc.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: HubSpot

HubSpot is the #1 CRM software in the global market, and the marketers can make use of this tool to keep the business contacts in a single centralized along with the database customization. By using this tool, anyone can gather information about the leads and can maintain it in one place.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Sendbloom

It is the data-driven automation sales tool that can be used to launch the targeted email campaigns. With the help of Sendbloom, any marketers can turn the leads into business opportunities with the delivery of personalized and customized sales. The integration of Salesforce in this platform enables the marketers to launch the ad campaigns from contact forms.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Adobe Campaign

It can be used to manage, optimize, and automate the program’s overall channels, including traditional and the programs that can be emails, direct mails, and mobile marketing, etc. Moreover, the businesses can build and manage ad campaigns, customer data, analytics, and resources, etc. through a single medium that improves the ROI.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: LeadGenius

LeadGenius is the B2B lead generation tool that helps businesses to make a connection and engage with the influencers and decision-makers by reaching the target enterprises. Moreover, one can find business opportunities, enhance sales growth, and improve marketing. The most distinguishable thing about this tool is the businesses can gather the customer’s data and reaching the target business prospects by reducing the email bounce rate.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Vainu

It is the data-centric sales intelligence and prospecting tool that offers potential sales leads to the companies by pulling the data from more than 108 million companies in the global market. Furthermore, businesses can quickly launch target marketing efforts.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Datanyze

It is the lead generation and sales intelligence tool, especially for the web technology companies, and it enables businesses to find the set of technologies that are being used in the market. By using the users can launch the customer alerts and get notified by it whenever any website starts and stops the specific technology that you make the integration.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Madison Logic

It is the account-based marketing tool where it uses the actionable data, content, and technologies that help in speed up the customer buyer journey. Most of the B2B companies are in the use of Madison Login in converting the best accounts by identifying the most influential professionals.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics enables companies to analyze data effectively. Also, the businesses can visualize the data in real-time that gives the best opportunity for the marketers while taking a business decision with no compromising.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Marketo

It is an enterprise solution platform that gives a set of general ideas by considering areas like customer engagement and marketing management. Moreover, businesses can touch personalization in real-time that enables the users to add their system.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Leadfeeder

It is the tracking tool for website visitors through which the business brands can generate potential leads by analyzing the website analytics. With the help of network location and domain from Google Analytics, this tool can find and manage the potential leads.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: DataFox

It is the business information portal through which the companies build the most reliable and accurate data that helps for the enhancement of the growth of the business. We can say that it is the most powerful prospecting tool that can be used to enhance business growth.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: LeanData

LeadData is the lead generation and management tool, and it provided more than 75 million potential lead for the newbies, mid-sized, and established businesses. It offers the most advanced lead routing technologies through which the businesses can save time, automation process, and boosting business growth, etc.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: D&B Lattice

It is one of the top trending platforms that help the companies to find the list of target accounts that failed on their own. It provides a clear picture of the development of the business, finding the feedback, and evaluation of business performance, etc. can be done by using the tool.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Albacross

It is the lead generation platform that enables the companies to track the website visitors through which the B2B businesses can find qualified leads through the analysis of website visitor traffic, visitor activity, and generation of data about the companies.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Leadiro

It is the favorite tool for the B2B companies that using it to find high-quality data immediately that contains the email addresses. This information can be used in launching marketing campaigns. Moreover, the businesses can trace the prospects and make conversions.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Act-On

The nurturing, connection and conversion are possible with this Act-On marketing automation tool. Moreover, the businesses can roll out the number of marketing tactics that help in the dynamic engagement program by using this single platform marketing automation tool.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: LeadSift

It is the B2B data generation tool that helps the businesses in identifying and managing the lead prospects and manage the targeted accounts. It gathers massive unstructured public data from the websites and determines when the interest of leads increased over the relevant topics and websites.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: LinkedIn

We all know how effective LinkedIn in the category of social media marketing. But it is more than social media, and it offers the most valuable insights of the audience that includes company names, job roles, and visitors, etc. By using the analytics provided by LinkedIn, the business professionals can engage their prospects by delivering high-quality content.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: ReachForce SmartSuite

ReachForce SmartSuite is the data manager that can be used by the businesses through which they can obtain the firmographic, social media data, install based data and external demographics, etc.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: TechTarget Priority Engine

It is one of the most engaging sales, and marketing platforms that help the companies to get direct access to real-time buyers by choosing the priority ranked accounts.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Everstring

It is the most accurate and reliable marketing automation and sales intelligence tool that helps the sales, marketing, and business operation teams in using and leveraging the technographic, intent data, and firmographic data that can be used to close more deals. It is the integration of the Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence data platform that lets the businesses capture and operationalizing the B2B data.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: AdDaptive Intelligence

The adaptive Intelligence tool helps the businesses to analyze the database of the customers. It enables the companies to choose the quality prospects by using the Account-Based Management (ABM) system by providing exclusive bidding, content management, and audience analytics, etc.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Uberflip

It is the content management and optimization tool that can be used by the number of marketers and sales teams. By using this tool, businesses can establish the most engaging content from the existing one. Moreover, any company can manage this depending on the audience segmentation.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: KickFire

It is the top B2B solution provider where it offers account-based information that may be revenue, industry, and employee count, depending on the IP address. It provides features like content personalization, data enrichment, and account-based marketing, etc.

Account-Based Marketing Tool: Outbrain Amplify

It is the top native advertising platform that helps in providing business opportunities. The advertisers can build the lead generation and target the audience by promoting the content.


Just finding the account-based marketing tools is not enough to improve the growth of the business, and it is necessary to make use of the tools mentioned above in real-time.

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