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50 Twitter Statistics All Digital Marketers Should Know in 2022

50 Twitter Statistics All Digital Marketers Should Know In 2022

Twitter is a real-time promotional platform for marketing fighters and each marketer should know the updated Twitter statistics that can be used to take the business performance metrics. This where a million conversations take place at a time. In the same way, the content plays a vital role on Twitter to find sales conversions. To know the importance of Twitter, go through the below Twitter statistics.

Twitter Statistics in 2022

  1. On Twitter, 200+ billion Tweets are sent per year, i.e., almost above 500 million tweets every day.
  2. 41% of Americans engaging Twitter earns about $75,000.
  3. 22% of American adults are in the use of Twitter.
  4. 63% of users on Twitter are between 35 to 65 years old.
  5. Twitter has 66% of male users and 34%, female.
  6. The user spends 3.39 minutes on Twitter on an average.
  7. 25% of Twitter profile users are using scheduling software to schedule the tweets.
  8. According to a Twitter report, more than 500 million GIFs and 125+ million hashtags shared on Twitter.
  9. 59% of video content on Twitter finds a massive engagement than other types of content.
  10. 67% of B2B marketers are in the use of Twitter for business promotion, and 57% of B2C marketers are using it.
  11. 40% of Twitter users making a direct purchase from Twitter influencers tweets.
  12. During live events, 11% of Twitter ads more engaging.
  13. The businesses using Twitter for particularly for customer service, finds 19% of more customer satisfaction.
  14. The Tweets with image drive 18% more click-through engagement, more than 89% likes, and 150% more retweets.
  15. The businesses find 23% of more Twitter ad engagement.
  16. 79% of Twitter accounts are outside of the U.S.
  17. 76% of Twitter users like to recommend the business brands offer friendly service.
  18. 65.8% of companies with more than 100 employees in the United States use the Twitter platform, especially for marketing.
  19. 77% of Twitter users have a favorable opinion about the brands when their tweet gets a reply from the brands.
  20. 48+ million active Twitter users are bots.
  21. The emoji ‘Tears of Joy’ is most used on Twitter with 14.5 billion tweets.
  22. Twitter says 80% of affluent millennials are Twitter users.
  23. 80% of mobile users are accessing Twitter.
  24. Daily Twitter solves above 2 billion search queries.
  25. 83% of leaders are using Twitter globally.
  26. The Twitter profile find 707 followers on average and 391+ accounts with no followers.
  27. 50% of all tweets on Twitter are from top5 marketers of it.
  28. 92% of businesses tweet more than once a day on Twitter.
  29. Twitter is the best platform for brand marketing; 93 % of the twitter followers plan to buy from brands.
  30. 78% of the twitter followers are likely to retweet the brand content.
  31. 69% of the brand followers of Twitter have already purchased the products from brands.
  32. Twitter reached 145 million daily active users.
  33. 70% of twitter users in the US follow the up to date news from the Twitter platform.
  34. 330 million monthly active followers of twitter.
  35. 3.39 minutes is noted as the average time spent per section.
  36. 20 % of US internet users consume Twitter every month.
  37. Tweets with Videos generate 10 X time more engagement than tweets without videos.
  38. Tweets with images generate 150 X times more engagement.
  39. Over 79% of the twitter account holders are outside of the US.
  40. More than 762 million tweets are sent ion a day.
  41. 1 out of 13 tweets includes a Course keyword.
  42. 79% of Twitter users likely to know what’s new on Platform.
  43. $824 million in revenue generated for twitter by 2021, and there is a 9% growth rate year by year.
  44. 26% of Twitter users are likely to view ads on the platform.
  45. 30% of more engagement noticed in timings 8 AM and 7 PM.
  46. Tweets below 100 characters receive 17 % higher engagement.
  47. Tweets with links included received 86% higher engagement rate than the tweets with no links in it.
  48. Tweets with hashtags (#) receive 2 X times more engagement Tweets without hashtags.
  49. 88% of Twitter advertising revenue comes from mobiles.
  50. 38% of the American twitter users are aged 18-29.


The Twitter social network has over 100 million active logins daily, and plenty of data gathered from this platform. Twitter plays a vital role when it comes to social media for business. It’s a good thing for both marketers and companies to know this fantastic Twitter Statistics and facets.

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