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What is Bitcoin? – The Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency

What Is Bitcoin? – The Ultimate Guide To Cryptocurrency

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the electronic payment method that takes place through the peer-to-peer technology to make transactions by using cryptographic ways in which no other third party was involved. Everyone with no control over others can use it. It is merely the internet cash through which the transaction of the payment will take place and quickly. The network nodes will verify these transactions and will be registered in blockchain named as the public distributed ledger.

It is similar to virtual currency stored in online wallets. It can be used to purchase services and products online. It is the oldest cryptocurrency network. These can also apply for online purchases, investments, payments, and market trading online.

It commonly referred to as BTC in short form.

This currency introduced in the year 2009. There are presently more than 16.7 million Bitcoins in circulation now. No one has a control on the cryptocurrency. Everyone who uses it in some ways controls the currency. These are not infinite, as this devalues the currency. There are around 21,00,000 coins in total.

It is unique that transactions are entirely transparent. Everything is visible on the blockchain, and this is why it is trusted by most. Bitcoin inventor not known till now. It was made open to the public under the name Satoshi Nakamoto but the identity of it the person is a mystery.

It kept in the digital wallets, and there is no need to pay any annual fees for the wallet. One has taken great care of the security of its wallet as losing it means the Bitcoins lost forever.

These payments can make anonymously. Way many countries are banning the use of this currency, as anything can be purchased using them, and there is no trace back to the user.

The popularity is Bitcoin; the internet money is rising steadily over the last few years. People are using it or investment and daily transaction purposes. People who are not using it are because they do not know many things about it.

It is becoming more powerful because of its stability and is being accepted more and more by many countries. It can be exchanged easily for real money.

Did you know?

The current supply of it is 16.67 million.

Cryptographic hash function

It is the process of transmitting the particular size input data in an efficient compact string that is impossible to predict or reverse the way.

Origin of Bitcoin

It is originated from the unknown group or person named as “Satoshi Nakamoto,” and it has been released as the open-source software that everyone can access.

Motive of Bitcoin

It is already stated that the payment transactions are being registered in the journal named ‘blockchain,’ and these records will be shared to the this ‘minings and nodes’ that protects with no interruption.

While the transaction takes place, it will be disclosed to the public where everyone can understand that one is making payment to another but with no transaction details.

These details will be protected in nodes and minings, as stated above.

The banking methods of making traditional transactions consume more time to do transactions after settling the business deal.

Also, the involvement of third parties are trustable but requires to invest more while the transaction is being done, i.e., the process through credit card or debit card.

In 2009, the reward of the blockchain was 50 new bitcoins, and it gradually decreases for every 4 years.

When the increment of this currency has been observed, then the mining process will become tougher. That means the most advanced Graphics Processing Units and Application Specific Integrated Circuits must be involved.

The total supply of bitcoins is 21 million in which no government activity to print the additional bitcoins has been involved.

Bitcoin Mining

It is the service of a computer processing system that can be used to keep the records of the transactions.

It is involved in the verification and collection of new transactions can be done by grouping them as the new group as a blockchain.

This mining uses the combination of both cryptography and SHA-256 hash function.

Here the hash function will catch the block of input data and generates the hash value by compacting it.

By using the cryptographic hash, we can find no way to obtain the hash-value without trying the bulk of inputs.

Network of Bitcoin

When new transactions are being held, then those are transmitted to all the nodes, which can group all the transactions into a block.

It all can be possible when the node finds the proof of work. After that, the node will transmit the block to all remaining nodes.

The acceptance of this block by the nodes will be possible when it has valid transactions.

It can be disclosed by accepting the next new block through the allocation of hash to the current block as the previous one.

Hence, it is more secure than traditional transactions.

Did you know?

[blockquote align=”none”]The trade volume of it, especially for one day, is $4.9 Billion.[/blockquote]

How to get started with Bitcoin?

The initial thing should remember before participating in bitcoin is to maintain the secure its wallet, which can be used to make the transactions directly and easily from anywhere.

We can select its wallet like mobile, desktop, web, or hardware to make safe transactions.

The ways like Bitcoin Exchange, Local Bitcoins, and Bit ATMs will allow the users to Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

How to buy Bitcoins on Bitcoin Exchange, Local Bitcoins and Bitcoin ATMs?

Bitcoin Exchange:

Just go to the link, and this page will display the list of exchanges where you can buy bitcoins.

Just click on register and then sign in by assigning all the personal details.

When it’s done, the verification link has been sent to the registered mail id.

Now click on that link to access this buying process.

Local Bitcoins:

Depending on the location, these sellers will be listed. That means the sellers will be displayed based on your nearby area.
It can also be accessed by registering through personal details.

Bitcoin ATMs:

To access the Bitcoin ATMs to buy this currency, we should check the nearest bitcoin ATM.

You can also find the machines through this link

Here enter the name of your city where you will be displayed with nearby bitcoin ATMs.

A verification step has been involved at the bitcoin ATMs.

You need to give the deposit address.

Then insert the cash into the bitcoin ATM.

Then make a confirmation, which in return transforms the liquid cash into bitcoins that have been transmitted to the address.

Note: The above is the general process of Bitcoin ATMs, but we can find varied ATMs for which each machine has a different method to bitcoin deposit.

Bitcoin earning methods

Employment through it:

We can find several job boards and websites that operate digital currency by using this method.

For example, Jobs4bitcoin, Workforbitoin, Coinality, and BitGigs can offer jobs for the self-employed candidates either to do part-time or full time.

Bitcoin through Payment:

The trading products or services are enabled to have the payment as the bitcoin form.

For example, when we tag ‘bitcoins accepted here’ for any products or services, then it might clutch the attention of huge customers in which the transactions through QR codes of a bitcoin wallet and protective hardware network.

The credit card or PayPal users of online businesses can easily make the payment, but it requires a biotin merchant tool.

Lending Bitcoin:

The virtual banks will provide the interest for the biotin accounts who had deposited bitcoins in those banks.

The lending of bitcoins to the websites which are having peer-to-peer transactions will pay the interest.

The lending of bitcoins to direct and well-known people can offer interest.


While playing at Casinos will feed the Bitcoin specialists by jackpots, lotteries, and betting, etc.

Did you know?

The number of Bitcoin transactions per hour is 12,000.

Eradicating Bitcoin Fraud

Everyone knows that Bitcoin is the cryptographic approach where the complete protective transaction will take place without duplicating the transaction information, and it is the most seeking method in the digital world.

  • The increment in the value of Bitcoin can be observed from year to year, i.e., reaching to billion dollars.
  • It is the most appealing to the public that simulates them to participate in bitcoin trading that results in both positive and negative ways. This negative approach will project the scammers.
  • Most of the bitcoin exchange scammers will ultimately offer a big bonanza for the biotin users.
  • How to find that scam?
  • The primary thing we should do while visiting the bitcoin exchange site look at whether it has HTTPs or HTTP.
  • When it has “s,” then it is the most secure and encrypted one. If it has no “s,” then it is a red flag that we need to skip.
  • These sites will elevate selling bitcoins for PayPal. Most of these fake exchanges will ask to provide the PayPal email id details on the form and figure of the amount to sell.
  • After that, the QR code will be generated to send our bitcoin. After everything was done, the money never added to our wallet.
  • 90% of these fake bitcoin exchanges are hype for just only one day and then disappears.

Best practices to select the excellent Bitcoin wallet

When we want to become the user, then the second step to follow after buying the bitcoin is picking a unique wallet. A wallet is the one that protects our bitcoin. We can find many wallets that are most required. Here are the relevant phrases that we should remember while choosing the wallet.


When we select the wallet, check whether it provides the multi-signature feature or not.

While transactions are being held, it can help to allows multiple keys to authorize the transaction.


It has already stated that we should check if the web wallet has either HTTPS or HTTP. Having ‘s’ is the most secure and encrypted one to have a strong login process.

Transparency of wallet:

Just have a look at whether the wallet is open source or not and also find that it is clearer of providing the operating process and the persons involved to operate.
If not, it will be very tough to find more security for the transactions. Open source is the most gazed code that prevents hackers.

Control over private keys:

When your wallet is not providing with private keys, then it is not possible to move it’s in and out of its wallet.

Just check the web wallets that are facilitating to access the private keys.

Hierarchical Deterministic wallet:

The HD wallets can be used to increase user privacy by assigning the new addresses.

Maintaining privacy for its transaction using the wallet is the most significant one.

Wallet backup:

It is the primary key to consider while choosing the biotin wallet. Check that the selected wallet is equipped with a backup facility.

Is the backup of a wallet is easy to use and easy to restore? Also, confirm that it is an encrypted one or not.

These strategies will help us to have a better loading experience of its wallet.


If you are a beginner, then verify that the wallet is simple or mystifying one to use.

The preferable one to access it is a mobile wallet as it is user-friendly.

The wallet can be downloaded directly to the machine if you are an expert in using it.


While going ahead of using its wallet, find few things like it requires user authentication or not; it is going to accept the standard registration data to access the wallet and whether it requires valid registration to activate its wallet.

Did you know?

In last 24 hours $12.8 million has been assigned for mining rewards.

Bitcoin Tools and Platforms

It is created and held electrically in the form of digital currency. These are not printed like dollars or euros but produced by people for helping in growing businesses, running computers all around the world. It can solve mathematical problems by using this software. ‘Cryptocurrency’ is the best example of a growing category of money.

Bitcoin Rate Converter & Tracker

To get real-time its prices, Bitcoin Rate Converter & Tracker is useful. It is the unique and accurate rate tracking and its rate converter app. For its users, It is a unique multi-currency its rate tracker app. It can share its rates with others.

Bitcoin Trezor

Trezor is a hardware wallet. Trezor is connected to your computer with a USB cable, a small, which is a key-sized. It stores your private keys offline and signs transactions. Trezor holds that key, to sign a Bitcoin transaction, you need to have a special key or password. You can think of your Trezor as a modern-day stamp, while Trezor’s job is to help you securely sign Transaction messages.

The Week in Bitcoin

It is a curated Bitcoin news, the curated newsletter that can be sent to your inbox every weekend. Your inbox can be filled with valuable Bitcoin and blockchain tech news from the week. So that you can read all the news about what you need to know.

Bitcoin Bot

This will automatically trade for you by Haasbot. Using technical analysis indicators can allow you to automate your trades. Also, it can be used to get Bitcoin prices right on Facebook Messenger.


The increasing size of blocks from one megabyte to eight megabytes that proposed by the fork of Bitcoin core. It is with a focus on upgrades to the peer to peer protocol. It takes a lot of space and memory. The Core and XT programs are currently compatible, operating on the same blockchain.

Bitcoin Fax

It allows you to send a fax to anywhere with a minimal uproar. No need to sign up. The fax sent online with micropayment by using Bitcoin currency.

Bitcoin Ticker

This app displays and monitors the current its (BTC) exchange rates. All the alerts are sent as free push notifications directly to your phone. It can be installed only on the iOS device. It is defined as Tick by a tick and gets real-time updates.

Bitcoin Correlator

From Kimono, Correlate any data with Bitcoin’s present price. A simple tool to test how Bitcoin correlates with anyone.

The Bitmovin API

The Bitmovin Dashboard and should be specified as a string is the personal key. Through an API, it integrates all aspects of your video of the adaptive streaming workflow. It comes along with the possibility to integrate it’s directly into your application, web portal, media workflows, etc. and fully automate your transcoding process.


Bitfinex is a unique crypto-currency exchange trading and currency-storage platform. It has the most significant and most advanced Bitcoin exchange platform.


The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Poloniex is also offering a wide variety of digital assets. Poloniex is purely based on crypto to crypto exchange.

E-coin card

While reading writing from E-coin in E-coin card, It can spend Bitcoins anywhere. You can see daily, E-Coin, and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on E-Coin Card.


It is one of the easiest places where you can feel secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.


It can convert your spare change into Bitcoin. It also provides market research and invests blockchain assets like Bitcoin.

Snapcard Wallet

Instantly buy and sell Bitcoin.

The Snapcard Wallet is the best way to store your digital currencies. The Snapcard app also allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly.


You can shop the largest online marketplace in the world with Purse and save 5-25% of your Amazon purchases with Bitcoin.


Decentralized websites using Bitcoin cryptography

ZeroNet, users can publish static or dynamic websites. ZeroNet can be decentralized websites using Bitcoin cryptography.

Shit Express

ShitExpress is a simple way to send shit in a box to someone anonymously with Bitcoin.


LibertyX is an onramp network that operates the largest cash-to-bitcoin. It can buy bitcoins anonymously at thousands of locations in the US.


CoinSpace HD Wallet is a free online bitcoin wallet, which you can use to make free payments all over worldwide. Bitcoins paying make easy and secure for your phone or desktop.


Coinbase is a digital Wallet to buy and sell bitcoin through bank transfers.

Ledger Wallet

Ledger Wallet is an affordable and secure smart card based on a Bitcoin Wallet. It has a robust safety feature for storing cryptographic assets, and it keeps digital payments in a secure place.


SpectroCoin wallet is a Bitcoin debit card mobile wallet for the SpectroCoin account. It allows the user to spend easily, also receive Bitcoins by both network or email. It will enable users to shop globally.

Vault by Coinbase

Vault by Coinbase, while storing longterm of a large amount of digital currency, it requires extra security.


The Forex meets bitcoin exchange also has a smattering of most well-liked crypto to crypto pairs, including litecoin and dogecoin.

WinkDex iOS App

WinkDex (Winklevoss Index) provides the most accurate price of bitcoin in real-time.


It can use bitcoin to send and receive money. Also, pay the bill and convert to load your prepaid card.

Crypto ATM

It is not only open source ATM for Bitcoin but also for Litecoin and Dogecoin. It also allows for users who have no coin wallet to print a Bitcoin wallet right from the ATM.


Bitwala is a global blockchain-based payment service provider. It is the latest bitcoin news, prices, charts, guides, and analysis.


Coinmotion Ltd aims to provide a continuous platform for using this currency to both consumers and vendors. It’s aScrew waiting and buys Bitcoin instantly.


CoinFilter is one of the most comprehensive datasets of Bitcoin startup activity.


Top up prepaid mobile phones with bitcoin in India and around the world.


Shipcoin is the easiest way to get USPS shipping labels with Bitcoin.


Bitcoin hardware wallet

Keepkey had the availability of most secure and featured packed Bitcoin hardware Wallet with a digital screen and mental body.


Coindera has launched a bitcoin alert and monitoring application with over one hundred plus cryptocurrencies of support.

Coinbase for iPhone

Coinbase for iPhone has been designed from the ground up to provide the best possible digital money experience on mobile.


An ATM for Bitcoin


Airbitz is securing the future of Blockchain technology. It is a single-sign-on security platform for blockchain apps.


Bitcoin Tipbot for slack is easily transferred money between team members on your slack channel.


Bitbond is based on peer to peer systems; borrowers receive loans at affordable interest rates. It is a smart way to invest.

Xapo for iOS

Secure and manage bitcoin from your iPhone

Xapo for iOS, leading security for managing your Bitcoins and sending money to friends and family instantly all over the world. It is secure and manages bitcoin from your iPhone.


BitMex offering leveraged trading products on a digital currency of the Bitcoin trading platform. It is the most advanced derivatives exchange.

Did you know?

The size of blockchain of mining is 166 GB.


BlockCypher is the infrastructure fabric for blockchain applications.


Toshi is an open Source Bitcoin Node with a JSON API by Coinbase.


updn is a pen source HN/Digg/Reddit-style app that uses bitcoins


Bitbonkers will change a realtime transaction visualizer.


Preev allows anyone to see the current Bitcoin exchange rate, and it is a simple cryptocurrency converter.


It can be instantly bought and sell Bitcoin. Also can pay with Bitcoin on any website.


OneBit, a bitcoin wallet app that enables its users to pay with bitcoin at any credit card accepting store. It can instantly pay anywhere with this currency.


BlockTrail is a Wallet that puts you in control of your Bitcoin. It is a customizable platform for bitcoin analytics.

Dark Wallet

Dark Wallet is an open-source platform designed for the sole purpose of protecting users’ privacy and security. Dark Wallet is a digital wallet that enables data anonymization by complex bitcoin transactions in the online market.

Coin Pocket

Coin Pocket is an open-source of the HTML5 Bitcoin Wallet. Now, It is available as an iOS app.


Coincove is the easiest and most reliable way to buy this currency in Mexico. Coincove allows its customers to take their fiat money to a local dealer, in-person.

Colored Coins

Colored Coins is an open-source of banking infrastructure for the future of digital money. It is a Minting Protocol.


quickcoin makes sending this currency as easy as logging into Facebook.


Bitbar is used to buy cocktails with it.


Mynt made easy on Tracking.

The above discussed are very affordable and useful tools for this currency. It is a digital currency where it can be used very quickly by connecting to a device with the help of USB.


After reading this article, we might get an idea of how vital bitcoin is, the role of it in digital trading, and also the advantages of becoming a bitcoin user. If you don’t find better ways to earn instant revenue, then you can prefer this currency to boost up your income if you are interested. Now it has become the most trending and viral approach to expand oneself.

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