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What Is Growth Hacking? – Growth Hacking Tools

Growth Hacking

The overwhelming evolution of the digital landscape is leading the marketers to challenge the most advanced technologies and terminology in the global market. They are spinning around the marketing techniques that include ‘what is the most snackable content,’ ‘tools,’ ‘marketing platforms,’ etc. that can quickly build the customer base. This leads the marketers to slant on the specific term ‘Growth Hacking,’ and it is the most buzzing marketing phrase in the digital market. In the same way, most of the businesses or marketers are not much aware of growth hacking, and some might not find better tools to engage their audience on social media platforms.

What does Growth Hacking Mean?

Why should any business inherit Growth Hacking tools?

Is it benefit in boosting their business performance?

These are the most commonly raised questions in the minds of the marketers.

What is Growth Hacking?

It is the combination of methods and techniques that can be used to improve the growth of the business quickly within an affordable budget. It is merely the process to generate the potential customers at minimum cost that projects it to be the favored marketing term for the start-ups. The marketers are in the thought of implementing non-traditional business solutions to find massive new users. Just like a keyword is the growth hacking word in the market and the marketers turn hunting the trending keywords on different sources, and those solutions work temporarily but find the rapid growth of the business within a short period.

Here we have listed the best and unknown growth hacking tools that make your work short and simple and let you find the relevant customers from your audience.

Growth Hacking Tools


This tool helps to improve website performance and find new techniques that can do better works for you. Moreover, you can track the website visitors that connect with you.


By using this, businesses can collect and analyze customer feedback in real-time.


This is the most excellent tool in creating and sending email marketing campaigns to customers. This helps to launch the tailed marketing mails that drive customer attention.


It helps in the automation of monitoring the emails to find which emails are accessed by the recipients.


It is the top growth hacking tool, especially for B2B marketers who engaged on LinkedIn, and by using this, one can invite people, send messages, and view profiles of LinkedIn automatically.


You can monitor the unnecessary plugins that slow your web pages and schedule regularly.


It offers variable scroll boxes and popups to collect emails, and it guarantees you not to waste the earned traffic to your website.


This tool provides the information of a person profile depending on the social media profiles and tips to better interact with them quickly.

By using this fantastic tool, one can create the chatbots easily, and it handles the FAQs quickly and simply.


This tool can be used to find the list of email IDs of people and helps to offer effective customer service.


The businesses can easily share, track, and promote the extreme content on the Twitter platform by managing all tweet links through a user-friendly dashboard.


It is a cloud-based analytics platform that lets you analyze customers’ behavior towards your website.


By using this tool’s API, the businesses can easily identify the potential leads.


It let the businesses qualify the leads, establish the chatbots, and deliver the messages by targeting the audience, etc.

By using this tool, you can send the effective brand and product messages to the target audience, and even with scheduling, you can send the messages.

16.Email Hunter:

This is the most effective tool as the name implies helps to identify the list of emails of clients.


It helps the businesses as effective email marketing software that can easily reach potential customers.

It the internet monitoring tool that helps you identify what the customers are saying about your products or services.


This heatmap can help your business identify consumer behavior and record the activity of your website visitors.


It is the tool with the combination of Google spreadsheet or excel and database. By using this tool, one can create Kanban boards or CRMs.


It is the cloud-based system that allows you to reach a million customers by sending the most effective emails.


This great tool supports you send the most customized emails to the customers depending on their behavior.


The creator’s friendly tool that helps the artists, musicians, graphic designers, and writers, etc. in selling the subscriptions, physical and digital goods, and also offers product custom links for online pre-orders.

24.Hello Bar:

It is the #1 lead generation tool through which you can create astounding messages to your customers by simply entering the website URL.


This is the only tool to obtain customer feedback by conducting or launching short and simple surveys that can be easily accessed by businesses.

26.Consumer Barometer:

It is the marketing insight tool that lets you see how the internet is being accessed by the users globally.


By using this tool, you can launch the most customized surveys and polls that let you find the feedback from the visitors to your website.


Through this tool, you can get access to the survey builder and feedback forms, and then you can establish the feedback form based on the click behavior of visitors.


The sales team can easily make use of this tool to find huge website traffic, including launching account-based marketing campaigns, email lists, videos, and scheduling meetings, etc. by using bots provided by this too.


The growth marketers who are intended to improve the utilization of newly launched products or services by sending variable messages to the clients each time.


It is the top trending conversation optimization tool to build business growth.


The businesses can create e-commerce and marketing Facebook bots to find the audience’s attention.


When you download this tool on your business website through this, you can easily push notifications to the website visitors regarding new offers, blog posts, etc.

34.Ninja Outreach:

It is more than sending emails that let you identify the influencers, guest post opportunities, email outreach, build links, and generate potential leads, etc.


This the most favorite tool for businesses that allows the sales team to find a CRM platform and let your business track the deals, monitoring the sales team performance and offer you a single dashboard, etc.


This can be used to estimate consumer behavior by tracking and analyzing the metrics.


It offers additional features along with customer feedback, and also you can track the website visitors from different sources.


It is also the cloud-based email service provider that integrated with a number of platforms and finds audience segmentation etc.


It is the top marketing automation tool that offers the drag and drop interface that helps the users to create the email templates and landing pages tec.


Through this tool, businesses can continuously monitor social media marketing and email marketing results.


If you want to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers, these tools are the perfect one that integrates the emails, contacts, and follow-ups, etc.


You can evaluate the efforts of your business like the most impactable KPIs that improve the capability of the performance of marketing growth.


By using this amazing tool, you can create the forms and conduct the surveys quickly and easily.


With the help of this tool, you can follow, post messages on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, unfollow your fan base, etc.


It is the only tool for email outreach, which interface can help you create email marketings effectively.


By using this, anyone creates the most personalized email campaigns that can build a huge audience base.


Through this, the businesses can develop the borders, frames, and stickers, etc. to launch the effective inbound content that impresses your audience.


This tool supports you in sharing your website contains links to the online platforms where you can attract a huge audience.


This is the only tool to track and set the mistakes of your content and turn you to launch effective content by making suggestions.


This tool helps in automating the Twitter activity and following the relevant influencers etc.


The growth mentioned above hacking tools help both the start-ups and experts, especially to play around the competitive edge of the marketing platform. Most of the businesses lack finding the best suitable growth hacking tool that drives successful results.

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