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WordPress Development

WordPress is considered as the best content management system for developing websites. The websites using WordPress have a better way of management of the contents. The visitors to the site can search for the information by category. The traditional websites may take a lot of time to search for the content. With traditional websites, the search may not give the intended search results.

Moreover, WordPress websites have an efficient navigation tool to pass through different pages, providing clarity for the user. The WordPress also helps in dynamically updating data from different user logins, without needing a separate server.

  • Other WordPress Characteristics
  • It is free to open source software available for every individual.
  • It has SEO features that make your site visible in search engine searches.
  • It provides an opportunity to avail customized themes to make sites attractive.

WordPress Development

Web Development

The process of web development using WordPress can be classified into three phases. They are discussed below.

Installation and Customization

The first phase involves the installation and customization of the WordPress framework. It can download from the web as a zipped and executable file. It is then installed carefully at the client location. After learning the customer requirements, the installed site carefully customized to reflect the suggested changes. After the first phase, the actual website development and design happen.

Development and Design

In this phase, expert developers and designers develop the site according to the expectations of the client after interacting with him. It may involve the migration of the existing website to the WordPress framework. If the website has to develop again, that also could be done by suitably configuring the WordPress site with the help of expert programmers. They install suitable plug-ins to bring the required functionality to the site. The designers work on themes and develop a brand for the site as per the given specifications. It may involve the development of logos that match the theme of the site. Finally, the site is equipped with suitable Meta tags to make it search engine friendly.

Site Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

On a trial basis, the site is installed at the client site. The trial will throw up all the issues that are bound to come. It may involve non-functional plug-ins, erratic themes, etc. These need to be carefully configured to make them work in the client network. If required, the training needs to be given to the people at the client site to make them operate the site.

WordPress SEO Process

WordPress CMS Development

WordPress is the free web application in which we can download the software completely free of charge and also allows us to host the free domain without any expenses for the license. With the arrival of modern content management systems, everyone can update their websites without any technical knowledge.

WordPress also comes under the content managing application system on the web, first started in the year 2003 as a blog. It was acquired support from the majority of web designers and developers across the globe. Many corporate companies and other organizations were using WordPress for their website designing.

The most important reason behind the usage of WordPress in website designing is, it is straightforward and simple to use. It can be managed with straightforward user interfaces that do not require high technical skills, and it is mighty as the users are provided with a flexible and scalable framework for the users.

WordPress is also an inexpensive way for website designing and maintenance. There will be some plug-in that is also available for free of cost, and the developers can keep up with the new upgrades.

WordPress Development Services

  • WordPress them customization
  • Development of custom plug-in
  • Website development using WordPress
  • Blogging solutions at the corporate level
  • Maintenance and support to the WordPress
  • Data migration with WordPress

WordPress Development for any Business

WordPress is a huge revolution in the field of website development. WordPress started its journey from 2003 and became the leading open CMS source. The platform of word press built with PHP and MYSQL.

WordPress is famous in the market because of its SEO friendly nature and easy customization. WordPress is affordable for any business. So many businesses are going for their website development on WordPress platform.

WordPress Webdesign Process

The installation of WordPress on the server is also quite an easy process. The installation procedure can be finished in minutes, and you can start customizing your website according to your needs.

Any website can be designed on this platform. If you are looking for a static website, it is possible. If you are looking for a dynamic website, it is possible. In the dynamic, if you are looking for a responsive website, it is possible. In the plethora of word press template collection, you can pick the choice of yours at an affordable price.

If you are looking to add new pages, it is quite simple on WordPress. Organizing the pages in the word press is also a cakewalk.

The heart of any website is content. When it comes to content updations on the word press, there is no need for any FTP service. Just log in to the user interfaces and update your content at any point in time.

The salient features of word press include the addition of plugins, add-ons, widgets, designs, and layouts. The ready to use plugins are easy to install, and their functionality will be quite effective for your website.

If there are updations in the theme, the word press will offer updates for free regularly. Updations are quite easy. While updating the site, the customization of your website won’t be disturbed.

You can update your site theme at any point in time. Just go to the themes gallery, select the theme, and replace it with the old one. That’s it; your site looks attractive all the time.

Don’t wait; you can also migrate your existing site onto word press platform. Go for word press development within your budget and enjoy many functionalities of it for boosting the sales of your business.

WordPress Development Services in India

WordPress platform considers being one of the best content management systems (CMSs) one can work with. Other CMSs one can work with include Joomla and Drupal. All these content management systems are based on the PHP framework. The use of WordPress has brought a big revolution in the world of blog publishing. It has easy-to-use architecture, templates customization facility. It also has other multiple features that have this CMS popular amongst the bloggers as well as web developers.

Other WordPress Characteristics

  • It has one of the most powerful and flexible content management systems.
  • It is free to open source software available for every individual, professional, and businessman.
  • It includes SEO features that make your website valuable for search engines.
  • It provides an opportunity to avail customized themes to make sites attractive.

Development Services

The development services include all the specialized segments of website designing and development. This can be classified into three phases.

Installation and Customization

In the first phase, we install and customize the WordPress framework. WordPress can download from the web as a zipped and executable file. After downloading the executable file, it is installed carefully at the client location. Later, the expert programmers carefully study the requirements of the client and customize the site for him. After the first phase, the actual website development and design happen.

Development and Design

The second phase involves responsive web design and development. During this phase, the expert developers and designers interact with the people at the client site to develop a website for the client. There might be some brand logos in PSD format that the client wants to migrate to the WordPress framework. Conversions are done with the help of suitable manipulation of the PHP codes. The web designers then develop customized themes from scratch to match the brand color and logo to make the same look and feel across the pages of the site. To ensure the proper functionality, the WordPress developers download and install suitable plug-ins. Later, these plug-ins configure to bring the desired functionality mentioned by the client site people. In the next stage of the second phase, the meta tags and other features added to make the site SEO compliant. Once the full development is complete, after a trial run, the site hand over to the client.

Site Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

When the client uses the site, some issues are bound to come. So, the developers and designers sit with the client at the site and find out issues and accordingly troubleshoot the website. Sometimes, certain plug-ins may not be functional on the client network. Hence, the configuration of plug-ins to work in the client network, after finding the details about that network. If required, this trained workforce may help in the migration of other sites made in different frameworks to the WordPress framework smoothly.

WordPress Development

WordPress is the best and effective option to go with low cost and maintenance of the website. Many local businesses are going with small level budgets comparing with the brands. WordPress allows users with many benefits. It started as a blogging site and later developed as a software application for the users. Many web designers prefer WordPress for website development as the tools are effective and cheaper, and some tools that are compatible with WordPress like WordPress plug-in are readily available for free download on the web. So, they prefer the WordPress software application for the excellent maintenance of the website without any technical knowledge also.

WordPress can be used in business with different approaches. WordPress can be used as membership sites that do not require any technical knowledge and also offers the video training option for startups and many other small organizations to start the video training sessions too. It is also can be used as a learning system online with relevant plug-ins that are available on the web that is compatible with WordPress and the program.

So, finally, we can say that WordPress is the most useful applications for the business to grow and serve the consumers.

WordPress Development Services

The agencies as TopuTop provides with a wide range of services with WordPress. The custom designing to the building of the community of online can provide in the services. They construct the business website and maintains on your behalf, which makes the marketers free from the other tensions regarding the website maintenance and many other things. Complete online support can be given to the consumers by the service providers.

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