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50 Work-From-Home and Remote Working Tools and Apps for Digital Marketing

Work-From-Home and Remote Working Tools

It’s not just a few days. It’s almost going to hit a month since the lockdown started to fight against world pandemic COVID-19. Due to this, thousands of companies completely changed their work policies for their employees and made mandatory policies to work from home. By keeping that in mind, we have listed some excellent work-from-home and remote working tools that are entirely relevant to the digital marketing industry.

Work-From-Home and Remote Working Tools and Apps for Digital Marketing

1.Google Drive:

Google Drive is one of the must-have tools, especially for the digital marketing team, as they can store the files in a secure way, and this suit contains all capable docs also can share with the group.


2.Google Hangouts:

By using Google Hangouts, you can choose the add conferencing and create an event. The remote marketing staff can launch the video calls, hangout from emails, and also screen sharing is possible.


It is simply a project management tool where you and your team can organize the tasks of your projects by organizing boards.


It is equipped with custom dashboards, resource management workloads, folders, Gantt charts, etc. that every company needs to manage the project.


It is one of the trending tools that offers effective team communication with different features required for collaboration.

6.Google Translate:

Use Google Translate to convert any language into your native that is available in the list of languages.


Automate the repetitive process that you feel by using Zapier. Moreover, you can easily collect the mentions of your brand on Twitter and Reddit.


It is the extension of a web browser that helps to turn the opened tab into the task of reminding and let you get done.


It also a project management tool to organize project tasks by creating streamlined and automated workflows.


Everything sharing files, project team’s collaboration, meetings schedule, etc. can be one by using this tool.


You can create the notebooks to keep the particular notes, including links, texts, images, and snippets, etc. which you consider as important.


12.Google Doc

It is a cloud-based text editor where you can add writing formats, images and can share with others to find the feedback.


Through this tool, you can track, plan, and execute the tasks for the development of your project.


It offers the single and centric application medium to create and share the content, also can be used to manage processes.

15.Microsoft Teams:

If you have hands-on using Microsoft Office 365 in your company, then it is better to use Microsoft Teams to make integration of your tasks.


You can make video calls to mobiles or landlines by using Skype credits, and it also can be used for free.


You can launch remote meetings and video conferencing with your employees, and screen sharing is possible.


It is the tool to track the time and can be used to record the time from the desktop.


It is the shadow of Hubstaff, and it gives complete insights into how much time you spend on your project.


You and your project team can organize the tasks, intimate pending works, and also monitor the workflows.


You don’t need to bother about remembering your passwords, and also by using this, you can create very strong and safe passwords.


It is cloud-based services that let you store files and access later though you are in the use of another different device.


It is the all in one hub for controlling and support remotely. By using this, you can access the devices of your team when they require your help, or they can do the same.


It is also a desktop application that enables you to access the files, documents, and programs remotely.

25.Bitdefender Small Office Security:

It can be used to protect your company from existing or all-new cyber threats, and also you can provide security for your client’s financial and personal data.


It helps to protect your PC at home with the most secure capabilities to secure your business.



This toolkit can be used to lean up the web browser cache, desktop files, and apps cache, etc. that speed up your system performance.


Project management work, tracking, scheduling, building lists, task boards, contact CRM and database, billing, quoting, dashboards, and advanced reporting, etc. is possible with Scoro.


When everyone in your team apart, then you connected with them through this cloud-based phone by maintaining the agility.


It is featured by Facebook that allows your business organization to stay connected with your employees with the same network and can get plenty of familiar tools.


When you have the team working remotely or from home, then it can help you stay connected by creating an office environment.


The scheduling and managing can be done by using this tool, especially in assigning the work and resources to the teams remotely can find the status of the work.

33.Cisco Webex:

By using this tool, you held unlimited meetings at allows up to 110 participants on the discussions.


Through this, the teams can find the virtual office and solve the issue on time to make their work easier.


Up to five users can get the free plan option from this tool, and it is a time tracking tool.


Zoho is a user-friendly tool that is from one source we can schedule, control, and post the content to multiple social media platforms. It also offers analytics to find your business performance.


The businesses can enhance internal team communication by making the most secure video messages.


It also the scheduling tool to make your work simple by scheduling posts on social media.


You can build the dashboard, relevant forms, and sheets, etc. by using the free templates offered by it.


You can manage the social media platforms and engage your audience and customers all-time in just connecting all your business profiles in one place.


The emergency teams, health management teams, and call centers can avail of free access to technology.


Email marketing automation tool that helps you make communication and deliver your business information to the clients or customers.


It provides free templates for questionnaire provided by research experts that helps in finding the feedback or data from employees and customers.


Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a free plan tool that helps in generating the keyword list for content marketing.


It is an email marketing tool that helps you launch email campaigns in a compelling way that finds your audience’s attention.


It is one of the top social media scheduling and monitoring tool that helps in engaging your social media channels.


Hubspot can be used in content management, blogging, and social media management, etc. and the users can edit the CMS by leaving the comments.



By using this tool, the businesses can create and share the video content that enables the audiences and employees can continue learning and starts working remotely.

49.Troop Messenger:

The teams can make instant messages, video, and audio calls can share files and location with unlimited communities.


Zoom can be used to launch the video conference with the employees or vendors or clients etc. remotely.


The inheritance of advanced technologies lets us work from home or anywhere else as entrepreneurs, students, stay at home parents, full-time employees, retirees, and freelancers, etc. But making use of tools in the right way does our work from home simple that generates the most effective results that what we are dealing with.

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