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World’s Best OTT Platforms for 2022

World’s Best OTT Platforms For 2022

The global demand for OTT platforms is increasing day by day, and it is leading to form the number of OTT service providers. But most of them are reaching the expectations of the consumers while serving. The people’s interest in watching online video content for entertainment finds the exponential growth of the OTT service providers.

Usually, Over the Top services will use the internet, especially in playing the movies and TV shows. Also, now most of the OTT providers are establishing their apps, pages, and website through which the audience can sign in to watch the video content that is made available through subscription.

Also, some of the OTT providers are enabling the audience to watch the videos for free of cost. Nowadays, the OTT service is the world’s audience favorite media in consuming their favorite video content at their doorsteps. Because of this exciting feature, the OTT platforms are becoming popular video streaming sources.

Beyond that, the OTT platforms are the #1 advertising channels for the global business brands to reach the real-time audience and promote their business products or services. Now Netflix and Amazon Prime are trending OTT players in the global market.

Along with them, several OTT platforms are giving a great competition to Netflix and Amazon Prime to launch the effective original content that helps in gaining the audience’s attention on toes. OTT platforms are playing a vital role in bringing the digital transformation in the way the audience viewing the video and TV.

The audience is more interested in watching OTT video content, which can be easy for them to view the unique video content. In the same way, it hard to find the best performing OTT channels where the audience can get enjoyment more than they spent on OTT. Here we have listed the world’s best OTT platforms that can provide the services that are most required by the consumers.

Best OTT platforms for 2022

OTT Marketing & Advertising Statistics for 2020

  1. OTT advertising spent reaches more than $2.6 billion by 2020.
  2. $18,396 million is the OTT TV and video ad revenue by 2020.
  3. The OTT ad revenue may reach $8,745 by the year 2020.
  4. 98% of video ads occur over CTV or OTT rather than other devices.
  5. Each year the OTT advertising revenue is increasing by 45%.
  6. More than 80% of businesses believe that OTT advertising is the most considerable category.
  7. Through user database and user demographics, OTT advertising enables brands to target the audience.
  8. Amazon and Netflix are the primary OTT advertising competitors.
  9. The CTV accounts for more than 40% of the United States ad spend.
  10. The US ad spends in the United States, rising to $14.12 billion by 2023.


Along with the audience, the business can make its business promotion through the launch of ad campaigns on top-performing OTT channels where they can find the most audience engagement. This helps them to see the brand reputation quickly.

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