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YouTube SEO Tools for Video Rankings for 2022

YouTube SEO Tools For Video Rankings For 2022

YouTube SEO is the only target for businesses to let their brand promotion reach a wide range of audiences. The Search Engine Optimization ranking will impact the performance of the YouTube channel that helps in finding potential customers. YouTube is the centric online video content that all creators and marketers are intended to drive massive traffic through the launch of innovative content. Here is the list of YouTube SEO tools that can help your YouTube channel rank high on both Google and YouTube.

YouTube SEO Tools

1.Google Keyword Planner:

Use Google Keyword Planner to find the trending keywords that make your YouTube video found based on the audience search key phrase.


Depending on the Google suggestions, this software generates the keywords that can be used through filters.

3.YouTube Search Auto-Suggest:

This tool list out the long-tail keywords that drive massive organic traffic to the YouTube video content and helps in high ranking.

4.Google Trends:

Google Trends is the best and unique tool that generates the trending web activity by searching the keyword it displays and suggests the relevant keywords.


It is the most effective tool in creating the number of tags that are related to your video content.

6.Tag Explorer:

For any SEO ranking, the quality keywords are essential. This tool can be the best way to analyze your keywords, either short or long, that works better.


It helps to suggest the tags or keywords that are relevant to your YouTube channel.


It can be used to identify how well your video optimization takes place by analyzing the different sources.

9.Tabular Labs:

This tool is most precious for the marketers as it provides the YouTube dashboard that generates unique insights.

It is the most simple to launch the keyword research and helps you get the autocomplete suggestions for YouTube.


It is the tool that collects and generates the number of suggestions from long-tail queries to the promotion of useful videos.

12.YouTube Analytics:

YouTube Analytics itself is a useful tool that lets you find what’s working and whatnot.


It is one of the best tools to find YouTube video tags that generate huge audience traffic to your channel.


It is also the tag provider that helps in providing tips to optimize YouTube videos along with several tags.


Through this tool, you can research keywords, channel auditing, etc. that lets your channel be in the competitive edge of the market.


This is the multipurpose tool that can be used to find the data of subscribers, watch time, audience engagement, etc.

17.Rival IQ:

By using Rival IQ, you can find the complete profile details of your YouTube channel competitors that help in outlining the growth of their business, what tags they immerse, what works and what not, etc.


With the help of this excellent one can figure out the best performing videos in your category or your location.


This is a competitor analysis tool that lets you get deep into the performance of your YouTube channel and competitor’s YouTube content.


It can be used to identify the best keywords for the YouTube channel videos and let you target your audience with relevant keywords.


The YouTube video thumbnail optimization that is creating the eye-catching thumbnails is possible through this tool.

22.Keyword Density Tool:

By using this fantastic tool, the optimization of YouTube video titles and lets you find the best keywords for your video title add.


You can analyze and track the performance of your YouTube channel videos by this useful YouTube SEO tool.


It is one of the best tools, especially for YouTube creators, enterprise companies and influencers, etc. to find the best SEO solutions.

25.Rank Tracker:

From YouTube suggestions, this tool lets you find the keyword ideas and provide the metrics to analyze the performance of your YouTube channel.


Through this, you can easily fetch the mentions of YouTube videos and keywords.


This tool lets you find the comments mentions and deleted the comments that don’t want.


You can create innovative and unique thumbnails for your YouTube videos by using this tool.


One can create a fantastic YouTube thumbnails by using this useful graphic design software.


To edit the timeline videos by adding the images, video files, and audio, this tool fits better.


You can edit, trim, crop, and arrange the sections of the YouTube videos by using this video editing tool.

32.Keywords Everywhere:

It is a user-friendly and straightforward keyword researching tool that helps you find trending keywords.

33.Tags for YouTube:

This displays the number of tags that you are accessing the YouTube videos.

34.YouTube Comment Moderation:

Altering the comment section of your YouTube channel videos is necessary to find the best optimization strategies for your YouTube channel.

35.Corel VideoStudio:

This is one of the top video editing tools through which you can crop, trim, and resize the videos.

36.SE Ranking:

It is the #1 tool to track the keywords that helps in finding the data, make analysis, and detailed reports.


For a particular keyword, it helps to identify the YouTube video rank.


It offers the dashboard for all your social media accounts that can make your work simple by saving your time.


You can connect the social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to communicate with a million audiences.


It can be used this tool to engage the social media audience where you can share the YouTube videos.

41.YouTube Search Bar:

You can search the trending keywords of your YouTube channel and find the suggestions.

42.YouTube Studio:

YouTube is a regular SEO tool that can be used to add customized captions and titles to the channel videos by placing the right keywords.

43.Morning Fame:

Through this fantastic tool, you can focus on keyword research and analytics.

44.Ahrefs Keyword Planner:

It provides the measuring metrics and can search for keywords.

45.Ahrefs Content Explorer:

By the creation of videos about specific topics, the traffic of your videos from Google, along with YouTube, can be doubled.

46.YouTube Custom Video Embed:

You can use the YouTube embedding to promote YouTube videos effectively.

47.Keyword Keg:

The marketers can find the search terms in high volume and cost per click of Google AdWords to launch effective YouTube SEO.


YouTube is the #1 platform for any business to launch the promotion of its brand products or services effectively by reaching a million audiences.

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