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50 YouTube Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2022

50 YouTube Statistics Every Marketer Should Know In 2022

Why should marketers know about YouTube? Well, whether you are a newbie or expertise video marketer, look to improve the sales conversions and find brand reputation at fingertips. To do that, YouTube is the master of video content where you can deliver your brand promotion at the doorstep of potential customers arrives from a million audience. This is the main reason why all businesses are intended to launch YouTube ad campaigns or marketing through the creation of individual channels. Also, Most of us are not familiar with the astonishing YouTube statistics and facts that projects the popularity of YouTube among the world population.

The primary reason behind the creation of YouTube craze at the audience is as it is audience-friendly. Through this, YouTube is letting the businesses to find their business sales through great video ad campaigns. In the same, there is huge competition in the market to tackle YouTube as the number of business channels and creators is in millions globally.

The marketers are finding difficulties in reaching their target audience by overcoming the competitors in the market. Moreover, YouTube itself recommending video content to the audience depending on their browser search and letting the audience watch more video content than any other platform. This is the epic reason that YouTube is the top player in engaging the audience.

Amazing YouTube Statistics

1.YouTube has more than 2 Billion active audiences per month.

2.More than 51% of YouTube audience visit the YouTube website daily.

3.According to Statista, 500+ hours of video content are uploaded into YouTube for each minute.

4.The only mobile drives more than 70% of YouTube audience watch time while comparing with other devices.

5.Google stated that almost 60% of shows interest in watching the online video and live TV.

6.Every day more than 1 billion hours of YouTube video content is watched.

7.After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally.

8.Almost 79% of online internet traffic comes only from online video watch.

9.According to Google, more than 75% of adults are watching YouTube video content from their mobile devices to relax at home.

10.From the United States alone, almost 15% of YouTube website audience traffic arrives.

11.Each day more than 30 million audiences used to visit the YouTube website.

12.In 100+ countries, YouTube established the local versions and provided the content in 80 different languages.

13.Above 92% of YouTube, users are sharing the YouTube video content with their friends and family.

14.Business-related videos account for 86% of audience views on YouTube only from the desktop.

15.The business YouTube ad spend more than 1/4th of overall digital ad spend.

16.Only 3% of beauty video content featured on YouTube belongs to top business brands.

17.The audience retention on YouTube gaming videos is almost 13 minutes 38 seconds long on average.

18.Videos of a length longer than 30 minutes only retaining 10% of views on YouTube.

19.More than 9% of small businesses in the United States use YouTube for business brand promotion.

20.Millennials on YouTube watch almost 2/3rd of premium online video content over multiple devices.

21.The earning income of channels on YouTube is nearly 6 figures, which are raised by 40% each year.

22.The YouTube audience watches the TrueView ads for at least 30 seconds or completes those who are more interested in visiting the website or becoming subscribers.

23.Almost 74% of YouTube audiences watch YouTube videos to play the game better.

24.The audience who is not involved in watching TrueView ads on YouTube still shows ten times more interest in visiting the website or become a subscriber.

25.The brands using TrueView ads on YouTube are gaining a 500% increase in the views of video content.

26.Almost 2/3rd of millennials are using YouTube to search ‘how to’ content, says Google.

27.According to Statista, 89% of United States households are using YouTube having a $100,000 annual income.

28.The average video viewing time of YouTube lasts for more than 40 minutes.

29.32% of the topmost viewed business brand videos on YouTube are the length of 31-60 seconds on an average.

30.Comedy, entertainment, music, and ‘how-to’ are the top 4 most-watched content categories on YouTube.

31.The YouTube videos on a web page can help in driving more than 157% of organic traffic from SERPs.

32.More than 50% of United States marketers are running YouTube video ad campaigns.

33.Almost 1/3rd of business brands execute YouTube’s Bumper ads to find the audience’s attention.

34.Top 10 performing YouTube video ad campaigns generate more than 539 million views, 3.6+ million likes, and account the combined viewing time of more than 14 hours.

35.Google says that 2/3rd of shoppers name YouTube videos as the source of purchase inspiration.

36.While comparing to TV ads, the mobile YouTube ad engage prospects 84% more stated by Ipsos.

37..According to Google, 90% of shoppers are discovering new products or services through YouTube.

38.Till now, the YouTube audience watched more than 50,000 years of product review videos.

39.Google says that the YouTube audience shows 3X more interest in watching the tutorial than reading the instructions.

40.YouTube is the top-second influencing platform among all other digital platforms.

41.70% of YouTube marketers are choosing YouTube ads to make conversions.

42.YouTube almost generated more than $4,000,000,000 annual income over the delivery of video content.

43.On behalf of copyright infringement, YouTube has paid more than $2 billion to the copyright holders.

44.Across the world, YouTube has started creator spaces in 9 top cities.

45.80% of the audience on YouTube can recall the video ad campaigns watched in the past month.

46.VEVO, Fullscreen, and BroadbandTV are the top 3 multichannel networks on YouTube.

47.After reaching 1 million subscribers, the YouTube sponsorship payments will take place.

48.The creator, with more than 10 million subscribers, will get the diamond plaque on YouTube.

49.70% of the time spent by the audience in watching the video content recommended by UI.

50.The YouTube channel creators having more than 7 million subscribers will get $300,00 for each sponsored video.


To make your business more productive, research better methods and technologies that reach the YouTube audience. Though you find the audience some times, it is touch to gain the potential conversions.

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